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Luna's Birthday

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Friday is Luna's birthday. I was woundering if any one else selebrated their cat's birthday.
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I don't, simply because I have my hands full celebrating my husband's and my kids' birthdays. I'm not sure when Muffy's birthday is (sometime in May), but Puffy's is June 9.

Happy birthday Luna!
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Since my girls are from the pound I don't know their exact birthday and they are so spoiled anyway that it's like everyday is their birthday
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Cagneys is sometime late October, so we say it's Halloween :witch:

Rudy's is August 25, I know, I was there! :LOL:

And LilyBelles is March 17th..St.Paddy's day...she'll be a year real soon...wow, hard to believe! I'll probably sing Happy Birthday to her, and she'll probably run under the bed...or into the closet! :laughing2 (no, actually she'll most likely bite my bottom lip, her favorite display of affection lately)
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