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Eye Lashes

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Here's a question for everybody...

I was at the computer with my cat Casey on my lap. I looked into his eyes and wondered...

Do cats have eyelashes??

I was told no but I swear I saw them!

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I agree, I think they do. Some look like they have them and others don't. Going to look again!

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:flash: :flash: What a great question... I don't know about all kitties, but my beautiful princess definitely has them, well... I am pretty sure she does. I too will go and look.
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Ya know, I swear mine have eye lashes, but I'm at work and won't be able to look closer til' I get hame at 2 am. But, this is a funny question, because I've wondered too and I think mine have eye lashes, which leads me to another question:

Does anyone elses cats yhave zig-zagged whiskers? The reason I ask is that my tux, Socrates, looks like he's walked his whiskers past a flame. I mean, they are straight til' near the end and some (not all) look like /\\/\\/.

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Sometimes it looks like Wylie has lashes but Cruella and Lianna don't seem too. Although the way Wylie's eyes are shaped, he looks like he's wearing eyeliner.
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Hehe, yeah cats have eye lashes. They usually blend in with their furr. I have however seen them many times on a few of my babies.
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Okay...well now I am going to have to examine merlin realy close! I am curious about this!
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