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Has anyone here ever worked as a housekeeper, either at a hotel/motel or residential? I'm a full-time paralegal student, and am looking for a small part-time job. This is a one-year certificate program (since I already have a bachelor's), and I know it's going to be hard getting in somewhere since I can't stay for long. Ideally, I'd get a job in a law office, but those kind of jobs seem to mainly want law students who will be sticking around for awhile.

Anyway, it seems like there are zero jobs around here, except in areas like waitressing or hospitality. I tried waitressing for awhile at a busy steakhouse, but they kept pushing hours on me that I didn't want. I don't mind hard work, but school is my main focus. I am moving to the city to be close to school, but it's sooo expensive. I quit my sales job to move, and now am worried about finding a new job. I thought about housekeeping (motel/hotel), but know very little about working for a hotel. I think I'd like the atmosphere, and want to be behind the scenes (that's why I wanted to get away from sales). I like to clean, but am not that strong physically. I'm not used to hard labor - is it as tough as it sounds? The hours sound like they'd be more reasonable than most jobs. It's definitely not something I dream about doing, but I'm at a clear disadvantage not being from the city, and having little familiarity with the area. I've been on interviews from office jobs, but it seems to be so competitive. My qualifications don't stand up against a 40-something year old woman's who has been a secretary for years. I just want something that won't get in the way of my studies too much, something that's straightforward and doesn't involve a lot of people contact. So, what do you think? Anybody is welcome to respond - I especially appreciate opinions from those in this line of work.
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I had a residential cleaning business for approx. 10 years.

If you are good at it and like cleaning, it's a good way to make some extra money.
The problem is finding customers.
Ads in the paper are expensive.
Try posting on bulletin boards and word of mouth.

The more info potential customers have (price, what you will/wont do, etc)
the better your chances.
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I worked in a motel as a housekeeper for almost a year.

I had no experience and had no problem getting hired. They actually had a lot of problem finding workers because it was a small motel so they couldn't offer much in the way of hours. I was working almost every day but only 1-2 hours a day. Sometimes up to 3-4 on the weekend (especially on Sunday). It was all in the morning.
During low tourist seasons, I had weeks where I only work an hour or two.

The work wasn't all that bad. Just cleaning bathrooms, vaccuming and dusting mostly. The only thing is that they usually ask that you work pretty fast (in my case I was being paid by the hour so they didn't want me to drag things on).
You have to be pretty meticulous and be sure not to forget things. Some customer can get pretty upset if you forget to change their towels every day or if they move into a room that has a couple of crumbs under the bed.

It's really not bad work. You could try it for sure. If you go for a small motel, I would advise that you find one near where you live (or near your school) because it can be frustrating to travel half an hour to go to work, work for an hour and then travel back.

Good luck!
(let me know if you have other questions)
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After I graduated from high school way back when I worked the summer before college as a maid at the local Holiday Inn. We were assigned a certain amount of room to do daily. You had to clean up some gross stuff once in a while though!!
How about a job at a grocery store as a checker or self stocker??
Plus this time of yr stores are going to start hiring help for the holidays!!
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My experience was a 3 month stint at a posh hotel in Lake Louise.
I loved the people I worked with but hated my supervisor and the tremendous meticulous duties involved. This was a place where people paid $300 a night and up and so one would expect a thoroughly clean room..But my supervisor was often complaining I didn't work fast enough even though I felt I was breaking my back.
You would often get called back to a room because there was a spot on the showerhead..I said they were meticulous I worked 8 hour shifts.
You had to make sure that everything was absolutely shined, polished and spic and span..The upside was you still made some tips, but not many..One renowned psychologist left me a $40 tip for 2 days stay but I think this was due to me having a conversation with her about saving for school to major in her subject

It wasn't for me so I left to work in the kitchen

But at a middle of the road hotel, it likely wouldn't be as bad.
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I love cleaning! I used to clean part time at a local cattery!
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