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I'm gonna be an aunty again!
I already have a nephew who will be two in January and now seems like he'll have a little brother/sister in May.
Too bad I'm not all that close to my younger brother but hopefully I can bond with his kids more (and then they'll turn to me during their rebelious teenage years! )

Unfortunately, I think it made my biological clock tick a little louder. I feel so old. I love kids and I think I would like to be a mom some day... but I'm 27 and single... so it wont happen for a while still.
Ah well, if I get too old, I can always adopt.

Unti then, I'll enjoy my role as an aunt
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Congratulations! That's great news!

You're still young and have plenty of time to become a mom. Meanwhile, you can enjoy be an aunt. I'm the proud aunt of two nieces (ages 10 & 5) and two nephews (ages 18 months & 7 months) and am crazy about all of them. We have so much fun together!

I'm so happy for you and your family!
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Look on the bright side, being an aunt you get all of the benefits without the downsides!
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Hey don't feel bad!! I'm 27, single, and no kids too! 27 is still young, but my clock is starting to tick a little too. A few friends (all older) having babies! It's great to be the fun aunt and just have fun with the niece and nephew.
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Congratulations on being an aunty!!
Just think-you can spoil them and you don't have to deal with them afterwards!! hehe!
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Originally Posted by eilcon
Congratulations! That's great news!
....i feel so glad for you!!! ..
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cool im going to be an auntie to!
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Thanks everyone!

Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to be very close to my first nephew because I was living away until recently. So he still sees me as a stranger. Hopefully I can fix that a little with time. But with the new kid, I can know him/her from the start and probably be closer.

Maybe it's time for me to start sewing again and make some more baby pyjamas!
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Awesome! Congratulations!
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No worries... people are having children into their 40's these days. I know a woman who had her first child at 42, completely natural and free of fertilization aids.
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Same here, I'm also 27 with no children...but hey just look at it this way..as an aunt you get all the fun and they go home at the end of the day!
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