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Taking forever to urinate

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My 4yo spayed cat Sabrina has recently been taking several minutes to urinate both in the box and out. My husband first noticed she would squat and sit for several minutes on a throw rug then when she got up there would a round urine spot. So we took her to the vet who said her kidneys were fine but there was possible bacteria in the urine so she prescribed a round of antibiotics which Sabrina is still taking. Today however I noticed Sabrina sit/squat for a minute and a half then she got up and smelled the spot. Five minutes later she went to another spot and sat/squatted for 4 minutes and then got up and smelled. Both times were in the grass which had just been watered so I couldn't tell if in fact she had peed. Sabrina is an indoor cat but about once every other month she wants to help me weed. But now I'm gravely concerned because I don't think it should take this long for her to urinate. When we took her to the vet she advised that Sabrina's peeing could be behavioral which we can work with but she has never taken this long to go to the bathroom before. I'm wondering if I should take her to another vet for a second opinion. Is it possible she has a condition not found by the vet? Is this behavior reminiscent of bladder or kidney problems? Any answers would be appreciated. Thank you.
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I'd take her for a second opinion just to be on the safe side
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That definately sounds like a UTI to me - please take her for a second opinion!!
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My goodness yes! Get a second opinion. We just had one of our cats in for frequent box trips, lots of time spent "cleaning" his privates. So far the working diagnosis is idyopathic cystitis. He's on pain meds and sub-q fluids and a different diet (No more dry food). I'd def. get a second opinion, this sounds like a physical issue to me.
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Yes, your cat needs to see the vet again. It is not normal for them to squat and then squat again so frequently. Another thing you could do if you have a way is confine the cat for a half day or so in a place with the litterbox. Then you could tell if this cat is urinating. What kind of test did your vet do to determine the cat's kidneys are okay? I would a blood test to make sure the cat was not in kidney failure and I would also want the cat checked
for blockages, and infections.
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I "second" the second opinion. Still sounds like a UTI to me and should at least be enturely ruled out before the vet blames "behavioral problems." Good luck!
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I agree with the other people. UTI sounds like it to me. I had a cat once that got so sick from a UTI. Poor thing take that baby back to another vet. Think about it when u got to go to the bathroom its not playtime.
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I would have the vet (either this one or a new one) do a urinalysis to check for blood and crystals. Cats can get inflammations of the bladder and the urinary tract that have nothing to do with bacteria. Does she seem to be in pain? If so, they may be able to give her an anti-inflammatory designed for kitties. I would act quickly, though, because if she has crystals in her urine, they can form a life-threatening blockage that keeps her from peeing.
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Cats don't express pain very well, you probably couldn't tell if she is in pain... I'd say quickly bring her to another vet before the problem gets any worse.
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