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Cirque de Soliel

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Sorry if I spelt think wrong
Last night I bought tickets for me and a friend to see "KA" at the MGM Grand next month when we go to Vegas. The tickets are expensive we got the $125 a seat tickets.. Only one other of the 5 was willing to pay that amount-I would rather see this show that lose the money gambling!!

Has any one ever seem the Cirque du Soleil shows??
I would like some reviews!!!

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No, but I would absolutely love to! Good for you! I totally agree with you - you could easily just gamble it away instead. I've seen these shows on tv and they look fantastic! Hope you have a great time.
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nope, never been! I am so jealous of you!!! i wish they would come somewhere around here... i would love more than anything to go see the show!!!
Congrats on the tickets!! Have a great time!
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I've only seen them on TV, but would LOVE to go!!! Katpixiedust has seen a show and said it was wonderful!
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I have not seen them in person, but I have watched Alegria, Valkyri, and two others on tv and I tell you, those tv shows are two hours long and I could watch them for a week.

Your eyes will fall out of your head.

Visually stunning.
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I saw one in Orlando as Disney World six or so years ago. It was amazing. I highly recommend it to anyone who can get to one.

Strangely enough I am going to Vegas next month as well. My Mother (whom is my traveling companion) is handling most of the arrangements. All I have to do is handle the entertainment. I'm waffling between Avenue Q and maybe Elton John. I just need to check with her to see which she would prefer. She wants to see something different as we have already seen Cirque de Soliel.
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I have seen them several times, in LA and in London. They are fabulous - though my friend was a bit shocked at the late night show of theirs at 'New York, New York' in Vegas - it is really a dressed up sex show, though well done, if you see what I mean. My favourite was always Allegria.
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Oh I'm jelous too! Lucky you!
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ive been to one or two. i know i went to dralion (sp) it was awsome! and thanks for reminding me i forgot its coming up here too soon
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I've not been myself but have heard wonderful things about the performances.
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I would love to go! I've never had the chance. I saw one on TV that was so beautiful at the end, it made me cry! Those people are truly amazing! Enjoy it (like you needed to be told that)!
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Amazing is the word for it. I saw one of their shows a couple of years ago. Just when you thought you couldn't be anymore fascinated, you were.
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I'm so jealous of you. I've always wanted to go see it!!!! Seen a bit on TV here and there, mostly on the discovery channel, but so cool!!
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Wow, I would love to see their show live! I sure do enjoy watching their performances on tv, they're incredible! You're going to have an amazing time, Gail!
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I can't recommend them highly enough! We've seen Allegria on DVD and Quidam live. Awesome only barely begins to describe it.

I must go look at the website and see if they have a visit to Vancouver anytime soon. We have promised ourselves that whenever they are here, we will see them. They were here in 2003 and 2004, so disappointing as it was, we weren't totally surprised that they didn't come here this year.

Have a wonderful time -- I know you will!
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No, I've never been to a show, but would love to take 16 y/o ds. I even priced going to Vegas with him just to see Cirque de Soliel, but it was out of our price range. From what I read, it sounds like the shows in Vegas are the best!
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