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Funny true story - The Eyebrow Tweezing Incident!

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I may want to consider waxing my eyebrows in the future. I say this after the freak eyebrow tweezing incident that happened last night, of course. Milo, who is now temporarily relegated to second-class status, sitting on the sink watching me as usual. Well with the tweezers in midair coming towards my face, the little brat bumped my arm and, in case you hadn't guessed yet, the tweezer went right into my open eye! After about 5 minutes of my eye tearing and debating whether I should go to the emergency room or not, I call my mom who tells me that yeah I should probably do that. She also decided that I probably shouldn't drive and that she should take me, cool bc I couldn't really see anyways.

I was at the emergency room for 3 hours last night, for a whole 5 minutes total of treatment! It wasn't too awful and besides the pain I actually found the whole thing quite amusing - sitting there with one eye closed getting double takes from people thinking I was winking at them, making glass eye, blindness, eye patch & pirate jokes, and the looks on people's faces when I explained why I was there in the first place.

The non-amusing part was when the doctor was actually looking at my eye. I really had no idea I would be such a big baby about it, I'm fine at the doctor or dentist, but not too much experience with eye stuff. I guess that's the one curse of perfect vision, you act like a total freak when someone has to actually do something to your eyes. It was like that episode of Friends where Rachel freaks about the eye doctor, very embarrassing. I could tell the doctor was getting a little pissy, but I really didn't care.
I did wind up having a scratch on my eye, so now I have to put in drops for the next few days and it hurts a lot. I can't wear eye makeup either, I couldn't even tell you the last time I left the house without mascara before today. Also, I can't wait to see how much the hospital actually charges me for this (no insurance ). Milo is now banned from the bathroom during makeup time!! Seriously this could only happen to me!!!
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OUCH! Oh, I hate anything to do with eyes! Yowser! Tweezers right in the eyeball, bet that woke you up in a hurry!
Reminds me of when Pushy strached me in the eye once when we were playing - but I know he didn't mean to! Hope you feel better soon!
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sorry to hear about your eye glad your ok get well soon
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Thanks!!! It's not too bad, it feels and looks really bloodshot & also kinda like there is something in my eye. With the exception of the fact that it hurts, I really do find the whole thing funny. I may feel differently when I get the hospital bill though!!
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OUCH!!!! Just hearing that story makes my own eyes water
I hope that your eye feels better very soon!!
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Ouch! That really makes me cringe! for you, hope your eye gets better soon!
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I've done that a couple of times, scratched the cornea. It hurts A LOT. My mother did it to herself once, stuck a hairbrush in her eye. She was in a lot of pain, with one eye bandaged up, and the other one pouring tears down her face. However, we still couldn't resist the obvious joke. "Mom, you don't need to brush your eyelashes".

The good news is that it heals very rapidly, so the pain should lessen within a day or so.
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I have scratched my eye from something getting underneath my contact lense and rubbing my eye and also one time I caused something to go actually into my eye from rubbing my eye.

It hurts like hell! I know!
Made my eyes water just reading this.

The hospital should've given you some sort of drops that numb your eye while the antibiotic drops heal it. I cant remember what the name is of the numbing one, but I may be able to check if you need me to.

Like someone else has said, the eye does heal very fast so hopefully tomorrow you will feel much better.
Hold off on the mascara for a little longer though!
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(This is my first post- thought I'd sign up )

A few summers ago I was in Mexico. After I got back, my eyes were BLOOD RED where white should have been. I was wearing soft contact lenses. My eye doctor determined that I was allergic to soft contact lenses... VERY painful!

I just got hard contacts yesterday- they hurt too!

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A few years ago when we remodeled our main bathroom I was painting the ceiling (you know where this is going) a drop of paint fell into one of my eyes (and I wear glasses!!)
Made a trip to the eye doctor to make sure everything was ok which it was!!
But your injury-OUCH!!
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oh goodness that made me cringe! feel better soon!
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That sucks. Eye scratches are the worst! Such a little scratch, so much pain!! That's about the most painful place to have a scratch. But the good thing is it heals fast. Be sure to keep your eye good and moist...use eye drops if it gets even a little dry...if you don't, you could end up with a scar on your cornea.
I once took a leaf to the eye, edge on, while riding my horse out in the middle of the woods. I had to ride back to the barn, take care of my horse, and drive home...all with one eye shut! Not fun.
Then the ER doc gave me Lortab...for something a Tylenol could have taken care of...which affirmed my theory that they give those out like candy.
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I don't tweeze much - I've found that an eyebrow razor works much better. What little bit of tweezing, that I do, is in a cat-free room.

MY problem is Buddy, "supervising" me brushing my teeth. Every morning, he waits on the bathroom sink and butts my arm, as I brush. Then, just as I'm about to spit, he sticks his head in the sink and sometimes gets a blob of toothpaste foam between his ears.
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Milo, you're grounded! I've had a scratch on my cornea, as well, and it's quite painful, and most of all scary at the time of the injury because, after all, this is your eye! Sure hope it's all feeling better very soon!
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Thanks everyone!!! I just wanted to let you all know that it's actually feeling almost totally better now. Just a little burning, bloodshot type feeling, but no more pain!!

Milo is now out of the dog house, lol.
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Wow, I'm glad you are feeling better! Eye injuries are very painful-glad it was just a surface scratch!
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That sounds painful!, Milo you silly kitty!
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Originally Posted by milopixie

Milo is now out of the dog house, lol.
And needs to stay out of the bathroom too it sounds like.
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