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Silly cat stories - what made you laugh today?

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I'll get things started.

My girl likes to hang out in the bathroom with you while you shower, now Japanese bathrooms are like a large shower with a bath in it.
Ginger likes to sit on the bath cover to watch us wash, last night she decided to walk around the edge, hit a slippery spot and fell in!
DS and I just cracked up laughing before fishing her out (soggy up to her chin), sat her on a towel on the floor and jumped in the bath ourselves.
Silly girl gave herself a good clean and then up to the edge of the bath again
And tonight there she was, sitting on the side of the bath again, this time trying to catch the water coming out of the shower head (its on a hose). So tonight it was two wet paws and a soggy chin , she looked like a bear trying to catch salmon.
Squirting this girl for bad behavior would never work, she'd just try to catch it

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Oh what a pretty kitty!
Mine 2 do`nt seem too afraid of water either....theyhear water running and coming running to see what`s happening...whether a shower, sink or flushing toilet.
They will both jump in a tub that`s still wet from someones shower and play in the faucet drip.
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Reilly hates my closed door policy when I shower. I don't let him in because he only digs at the door the moment I get in the shower...so he sits outside and cries until I'm done...of course he isn't spoiled!
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My cats are too afraid of the shower to ever do anything like that. And when I take a bath, they're fraid of the bubbles in my bubblebath!

My pet rats used to fall in the baththub though. I would go take a bath and let the rats run around the bathroom and they would walk around the edge of the bath and once in a while fall in. They could swim but they hated the water. Plus when rats are scared, they poop. So I tried to fish them out before they would poop in my bath and ended up with nice scratches from panicked rats in the process.
Ah the joys of pet ownership!

It was still funny though.
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Our cats don't like having the door closed while we bathe either. It seems like an affront to them, they take it personally! I've gotten into the habit of opening the bathroom door carefully because Pushkin sometimes likes to lie in front of the door and push back on it to keep it closed. It's like he's saying "You wanna shut the door on me? Well you can just stay in there then!"
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Don't our babies do some silly things!
Off to bed now so will check up on your stories in the morning

Goodnight from Miss Soggy Kitty
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