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All American Cat

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Here is our Simon.....having a patriotic day ;-)
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He looks like a cross between my two boys
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What a handsome boy!
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Love that picture and the kitty is just gorgeous and so regal looking!
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Thank you so much
Simon's kind of a "special" boy for us......
(not the shapest claw on the paw, if ya know what I mean ;-))
His mom was Ginger.....a pregnant stray cat that my neighbor took in
simply because we had 4 (at the time) already. He was one of 10....
(yes...10!) and the only male! He also was considerably smaller than the rest, but he's more than caught up to normal now.
As for Ginger....she's been spayed, and still lives with our neighbors who winter in Arizona. And because her "dad" is a retired
airline pilot, she flies first class back and forth when they go!
Not bad for a stray, eh?

More pics coming soon.....
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How Majestic - the king of the hill.
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Great pic! He looks a lot like my Muffy.
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He's certainly lovely!
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What a great picture!!! He looks so much like my cat Merlin!!!
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