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My poor kitty. Vomit and diarreah

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I just recieved a little 7 week old kitten as a gift from my ex-girlfriend. I moved to a new city for school and was feeling a bit lonely.

When I got Charlie he seemed to be in good health. He recieved his first shots last week and has been de-wormed.

On his second day here (yesterday) he started having loose bowel movements. Then he was shooting out straight liquid. He also started vomiting a frothy tannish coloured liquid.

He hasn't eaten much since he came here. He's eaten absolutly nothing at all today. He wont even drink. He just sits by his water dish.

He threw up 5 times today I'd say by the puddles on my bathroom floor ( I was at school from 9am till 3pm). He is still sweet and purrs if i hold him and when he is resting he's okay.

When he tries to walk around he starts meowing like a mofo. Last night during diarreah he was meowing like a mofo too. Poor little guy. I've never had a cat before.

I'm thinking I'll head out to a drugstore and get him some electrolites to syringe feed him and take him to the vet tommorrow at around 1pm when I get off school.

Do you think I should wait or does this justify a trip to the pet emerg?

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7 weeks old is too young to be taken from his mother in the first place! I would not try to force feed him any kind of electrolitites either. he needs to been seen by a vet as soon as possible. A kitten this young can become dehydrated very quickly.
If you can't get him into a vet tonight. then the very first thing in the morning. You could try giving him a dropper full of plain water.
If he was mine I would take him in tonight.
Good luck with your kitten and let us know how he is.
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Sounds like this poor baby needs to see a vet as soon as possible.
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Hey there, this kitty is in real bad shape. A kitten this young can fade pretty darn quickly, esp when they start getting diarrhoea and start vomiting. They are unable to keep down any fluids and will die very soon if untreated. Please please take him in to see a vet soon! If you are unable to do so, I would recommend feeding him water by syringe at least once every half-hour till you can get a vet to see him. Take time off from school if you need to, otherwise I can almost guarantee you, you will come home to a dead kitty.

I'm sorry to be so blunt, but at that age they are really extremely fragile. Is your kitty eating?
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Everyone has given you the right advice so far. Kittens who are vomiting and have loose bowls can quickly become dehydrated and it may be that your baby might need some fluids given under his skin.
I definatly would get him to the vet asap as you need to check his temp. and maybe get him on some clavulox or another antibiotic.
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Please do not medicate this kitten with anything that you might have around the house, unless a vet tells you to. At 7 weeks old, this kitten will fade quickly losing all that liquid. If there is anyway you can get him to an emergency vet tonight, that would be best. If that is not possible than first thing in the morning, not after school, but first thing.

Pedialyte will help to restore the electrolytes this kitten is losing. You want to be very careful when you syringe water into a kitten- your best bet is to use an eyedropper and make sure you do drops at a time, otherwise the kitten can get fluid in his lungs, and then you have a dangerous and deadly health issue.

Keep the little one warm and quiet. Put down puppy pads or chucks to catch the accidents and try to keep the rear quiet as well. You can put a tiny, and I mean tiny bit of desitin ointment on the rear end, because the kitten will be sore.

Please get this kitten to the vet as quickly as possible. Hopefully, you have already gone-
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I'm dropping the kitty at the vet first thing tommorrow am. I called the emergency vet on call and he said the electrolites was a great idea.

9 more hours. I hope the little bugger dosen't croak on me while I'm sleeping. He'll sleep on a pillow beside me tonight.

Cross your fingers.

Thanks for your comments.
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Good luck Marko- I hope your kitten will be okay-
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Lots of prayers for your sweet kit......please let us know how tommorow goes...
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Good to hear. Plenty vibes going the babies way.
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If you aren't already asleep, you might want to set an alarm to wake up and check on him and make sure he's hydrated. Same pillow might not be a good idea unless you really don't mind kitten poop and vomit in your hair! Good luck!!! Hope the little baby makes it through this.
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Very good luck to your kitty!

I couldnt imagine waiting til the morning if she were mine. Please let us know how she's doing.
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After my last post I went a layed down beside the little guy. I noticed that his breathing was a little shallow and a bit rapid. I called the on-call vet's pager to get him to set up a visit that night.

After he didn't get back to me after about 15 minutes I warmed up a few tea-towels in the dryer to keep him warm and headed out. I went straight over to the animal hospital to meet the vet there and I had my fingers crossed that maybe he was there doing a surgery.

He wasn't there. I paged him again and he got back to me. I told him the little guy wasn't doing very good and I wanted him to check him out that night.

The vet said he'd leave his home asap be there in about 20 minutes.

Charlie was being very still and very quiet it looked like it was getting hard for him to breath. I just kept talking to him and singing to him and petting him.

But unfortuneatly he passed away while the vet was on his way. They figure it was something viral. RIP little Charlie.
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Poor Charlie.

Guess his immune system wasn't built up yet.
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