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Splurging on Yourself

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Usually I'm so down to earth I'm underground. Earl wants stuff for himself, but if I can't afford it I just don't even want it. I guess it's how I deal with being broke most of the time.

BUT! It's Yearly Bonus time, so I've actually splurged on myself. When we went to the Avalanche game last night, I got a really nice Avs hoody (would have gotten another jersey, but the only ones I could really afford were players no longer with the team (1 year players from the last season), and I still couldn't justify $150 for a current one!). It's so cool, and I can actually wear it more often than a jersey. And then tonight at Wal Mart I found this gorgeous black brocade blazer-type thing. It's longer than a blazer, but it is really stylish, has a good cut, and actually looks good on me. Normally, I won't pay full price for Wal Mart clothes, but I decided to splurge on this too.

Oh, it's nice to be able to get something just for me.

How do you splurge on yourself?
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Nice! It sounds like you had a great time.
I hate to spend a lot of money on clothes, but I will splurge occasionally on pair of good shoes that I will use a lot. I love Dr. Martens, so I have 3 pairs.
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I splurge on my favourite perfume. So...

I hope I have some money left over from my holiday next week so I can treat myself!
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At the end of the week, after I've done all my major house cleaning, I buy a large bunch of beautiful cut flowers (with roses) to enjoy.

Also, at times when I feel really down I will buy a smaller arrangement of brightly coloured cut flowers, just to give me the pick-me-up I need.

A fresh bouquet of flowers is a work of art I could look at all day long.
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Heidi, you got a hoody and a blazer in the same day? You'll be broke for a long time! I don't really splurge on myself that often, but during the summer I accidentally broke a watch that I had for almost 10 years. I've never had a nice watch, so I decided to look on ebay to see what was out there. I saw a nice Seiko Flightmaster watch and it was love at first site. To me, splurging on myself is buying something I don't deserve to have. I needed a watch, but I could have bought a cheap one for $30. This one cost me over 100 dollars, but it was more than worth the wait. I finally got it in the mail about a week ago. When I splurge, it's usually on something I've wanted for a long time, like the radar device I bought to detect my bat speed. I waited for well over a year before I finally let myself buy one.
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Heidi good for you!, everyone needs a little retail therapy

I splurge on my weakness which is my perfumes In fact i bought one on saturday " D & G Feminine ", gorgeous!!!
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I usually don't splurge too much because I find most of what I want in the local thrift stores or on Ebay, even shoes and perfume. When I do buy something, it is usually something I want for my house. I am blessed because my husband doesn't care what I spend as long as I don't ask him to take me shopping.
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I definitely splurge once in a while, and it all depends on what I am doing at the time. Often, it's stuff for the apartment. Right now, it's shoes. But my biggest indulgence is makeup. I love going to the makeup counter at the local Shoppers Drug Mart and having the clerks show me new stuff. I usually get extra samples, because they know a good shopper when they see one.
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I very rarely splurge on myself. If I have any spare money I usually buy something for the apartment, a new rug or re-doing the bathroom. When I do splurge on myself I feel guilty for a week cuz I think of all the "other" stuff I could of bought.
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When i splurge for myself, It's often shoes, however, I know now that I've lost 22 lbs, the next splurge is going to be clothes not bought at a plus size store!
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Originally Posted by turtlecat
When i splurge for myself, It's often shoes, however, I know now that I've lost 22 lbs, the next splurge is going to be clothes not bought at a plus size store!
congrats on loosing 22 lbs!, that is a reason to treat yourself!
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I love splurging but alway need a reason. Usually when I'm finished a painting job, I'll treat myself 'cos of all my hard work. It's something to look forward to. I like mail ordering a bunch of Yves Rocher products, then getting a big parcel in the mail.
I find I feel less guilty spending money when it's for someone else, like the cats or my nephews. My next cat treat will be a toy made from a paper bag with something in it that randomly moves and shakes. They should like that for all of 5 minutes! My husband just gets mad at me when I try to buy him something nice - he has an aversion to buying things not on sale.
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I think everyone has there price cut off of splurge. To me a splurge is something I usually wouldn't buy. So I guess my most recent splurge was my computer as I loaded it up with lots of features!!
But next month when I go to Vegas with my soon to be ex-co-workers I'm going to Neiman Marcus and buying some Jo Malone perfume-"french lime blossom" I've been waiting a long time to buy this!!
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I've splurged a little lately. I bought some new clothes. Although I only do that every couple of years or so anymore and it was definately time for some new clothes especially for work. I also picked up my favorite perfume on ebay for about half the price that I would have to give for in the store. So I'm pretty happy about that. That was my treat for paying off one of my credit cards.

Now no more spending money on myself until vacation next month. Then there really will be no more spending on myself with the holidays coming around. Now if I can just stick to my budget, I'll be set.

I'm broke most of the time anyway. However the way I motivate myself to pay off my debt is everytime I pay something off I allow myself a small splurge. Next time, I'm hoping to be able to buy a nice (inexpensive) piece of art...maybe a painting...there are some nice ones on ebay that are reasonably priced.
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I splurge on artwork by Alberto Vargas. Splurges are very rare because they are so expensive. I am already planning my next one though! His Sleeping Beauty piece!
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And I don't share!
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my main splurge, which I allow myself once a year (although other people can splurge on me whenever they want) are coach handbags.. or d & b's. Recently I splurged on a digital camera but I've been wanting a new one for probably 2 yrs now so I consider it more of a planned investment than a splurge

But I always think of the other stuff I could buy, or mainly how each $300 handbag could add up to a house quicker or whatever, because my main savings is my "house fund." But it gets to the point of being like.. am I working so I can enjoy life or am I working for no reason at all and then at that point I usually buy something in the moment, because I could die tomorrow.
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I'm getting ready to move tomorrow. I spent most of the day yesterday packing stuff and getting rid of junk. At the end of the day, I bought a beer and a pack of Combos at the gas station as a reward to myself. Not really a splurge, but I have simple tastes.
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Originally Posted by gemlady

And I don't share!
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Originally Posted by gemlady

And I don't share!

LOL! Me too! And it better be Godiva.

Heidi, I am ecstatic that you splurged on yourself!!!!!!!!!! WTG!!!!!!!! It's about freakin' time~!!!!!
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I splurge on my shampoo. We are so cheap around here. trust me ...well except with the critters.

But i like salon shampoo. so thats my splurge. of course i get it off ebay and usually get a years supply at a time.

I just got my peach and pomagranete in the mail yesterday
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I'm a bit of an addict. But I'd rather have sushi than nice clothes or anything like that.
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Every once in a while, I splurge by stocking up on trappist beer from Belgium.

It's a double special splurge for me since I live in Mexico, and can only find those beers in the US and bring them back home, once every couple of months, when I drive to San Diego to...check this out...get diet cat food at either PetCo or PetSmart. That is the catalyst that makes me drive to the Tijuana Border Crossing (about an hour and a half drive) and wait two hours in line for my turn to go across: my fat cats.

So far I've limited myself to Chimay (which is, by the way, the name of my eldest cat, mother of my other three), but next time I get a chance I'm going to try other trappist beers like Westvleteren or Rochefort.
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If I have extra cash to spend on me, it usually goes for hobbies...fabric to make something for my home, stamping stuff for my greeting cards, or in the spring, lots of flats of flowers, fertilizer etc.
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When I've made it through something ESPECIALLY challenging, I take a hefty portion of that week's paycheck and shuttle myself down to the Mag Mile. And I spend it. All of it.

For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, it's the Magnificent Mile in Chicago...by Water Tower and the Hancock building. That's where everything from h&M and the Gap to Armani and Versace live. I'm more of a Gap girl myself....

There's also places like the Hershey's store, Ghirardelli, Borders, Virgin Megastore, Crate and Barrel, the Apple Store, etc. It's fun. It doesn't happen too often, but when it does...it's a good reward.
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Shoes are almost always a splurge, because I can't wear cheap ones, but I DO love shoes. Other than that, chocolate, or the makings for a really special meal. Another thing that COULD be a candidate is a really good bottle of scotch, but since that's only for sharing, I let other people spoil me -- mostly Rob.
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Originally Posted by eatrawfish

I'm a bit of an addict. But I'd rather have sushi than nice clothes or anything like that.

Sushi rules. I have come to the conclusion that you can never have enough sushi.
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I recently splurged on a Gucci messenger bag. Not nearly as expensive as a leather handbag as it's canvas with leather detail, but it did set me back a bit. And I did need a new handbag.

Just before I return from my LTD, I'm going to go to a spa for a half-day treatment... A massage, facial, manicure and pedicure. My credit limit was just upped so guess how it will be paid.
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I just got my bonus, too. I used every red cent of it to plop down on a credit card! It felt really nice. Is that a splurge?

I had to charge Snickers' vet visit this year and it was $1,000. My bonus was a lil more than that. I'm taking the rest & well I used it to buy myself 2 wool skirts & a pair of knee-high suede boots which I have been DROOLING over on Chadwicks.com.

So that's my splurge! All of my clothes are so outdated, or they are hand-me-downs from my neighbor who is my size; so buying myself a couple of brand-new, in-style things is a splurge for me!
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My splurges are often Yankee Candle and bubble bath.
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