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i'm In A Jam

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Hello everone
My Name Is Peggy
I sined on in hopes that somone can direct to the right road.
I have a friend who just finished with A bitter Dorvice And nether one want thees cats
I was over there Monday and got a glance well not a glance really.
More of an eye full.
I would take in A heart beat but.
I have two small dogs and one is pritty domonet in her way's.
I think i have been to ever board or site looking for a hint of how
to get thees animals a good home I am just an old softy when it comes to animals.
I have writen the human soiecty and a few of my dog boards with no luck.
I don't want to see them abaned or stay in that hot house any longer.
Is ther somone on this board who can help me to get them where they won't be put down but given a chance for a better life.
I am not selling anthing are advertising.
All I want is some help here thees are greate cats and the kittens are crying when you leve I was there feeding them tonight and the kittens cryed when i left.
So please help me in any way you posbly can eather on through this board or PM me But please help give some animals a better life.
Than You For Hearing Me Wine About This.
PM peggyholcombe@yahoo.com
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Peggy, first of all Welcome to TCS!

About the situation, is there anyone you know that can atleast foster these babies until a better home is found for them? Are you dogs indoor/outdoor? Is there a way that you can keep them apart from each other? I hope someone else here can give you some more advice!
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Welcome to TCS!!

I am quite a very long ways away from your neck of the woods, but I'm sure that there are many people on this site that will be able to give you some good advice
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!!!!!

See you on the forums !!!
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Hi! Welcome to TCS!Let's move this to a forum where these kitties can get the proper attention!
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Well rember those kittens i told you about last month.
Seems the kittens found holmes.
I got Mom belive it or not and when I frist stared this search I had no intincon on this happing.
But more on that in the nutrion part.
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Well, that is good news. Congrats on your new kitty. What a good friend you are to come into the lives of these kitties and help them, when their owners had forgotten their needs!
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