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Ever lock up your cats?

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Do you ever lock up your cats? My brother is coming over in a little while and he has really bad allergies to cats. So I have to get them all in one room and use frebreez allergy reducer, and vacuum.(which he says works really well)
It's really funny when I let them out, It is like a stampeed. (sp)
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I can't, they will dig at the carpet around the door. Already ruined a small area of it, don't want to make it worse. People with allergies just can't come over here. 3 dogs and 2 cats is just a bit much for them!

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Well, no, not with these two, or not really anyway. They're not really allowed in the back in the den and the media room (which is also the guest room) since both my Brothers-I-L (Sunny's brother and my sister's hubby) are allergic, but we do lock them up with us at night so we don't have to worry about strange noises at 2:00 in the morning.
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Yep. They don't mind as long as they are together! But then I do get a mini stampeed when they get out too. Especially when I get home from work!
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I still do with the 3 little ones when I have to go away and at night at least untill they settle down a bit more, I can't imagne 5 big cats and 3 wild Indians rip tearing all night But then they know they have there own room, and they don't seem to mind, they have a room full of things But they are free to go at it when I'm home or my hubby
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I actually had to lock all the cats im my room the other day...so we could remove the airconditioners from the windows.....

the reason why we locked them up....because when we put the ac's in doofus all but jumped out the window...I swear to you I caught him mid jump right out the window....OMG...believe me when it happened my heart stopped....and it didnt start pounding for an hour afterwards......

I dont see any probelm with it..I mean what can ya do...your brother is allergic....plus they will be together, and as long as you supply adequet water, and food and a box...it should be fine.....

good luck
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I had to put yasmine in the bathroom all day...i just put everything she needed in there. Of course she wasnt happy about it and i paid for it later with her attitude-- i didnt like it but i did what i had to do!
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I have to sometimes when Ruby comes in at night - they don't care as long as they're together they just sleep on the bed. I don't like it but Ruby is still too much of a puppy for them and she needs to have inside time with us, too! There's no stampede when I open the door - they're usually still asleep!!
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I put my babies in their own room at night as they cause to much trouble around my house at night. They also get put in their room when I have dinner as it's very hard to eat with furry babies trying to share.
My cats dont mind though as it is just routine and they are indoor cats only.
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Occasionally, they don't care, I lock them in the bedroom, and the dog goes into his crate in the office.
The dog whines a bit because he hates missing anything, but the cats all pile on the bed and sleep, or sit in the window watching birds.
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I have only ever locked my cats in a room to "protect" them from certain company. My boyfriend's nephew bugs them and they don't like him so I protect them!!
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My cats Max and Speedboat were banished to another room to sleep when they were indoor cats. The reason was Max was the number one cat. When we added Speedboat, Max would give in to Speedboat on a lot of things. But Speedboat wanted Max's spot on the bed between us at night. Max would not give. They would wait until after we went to sleep then they would start this war of jump on, jump off, each cat trying to run the other one off the bed. The only way we could solve it was to quit sleeping with the cats. They learned to sleep in the utility room My husband put a sheet of plexi glass on the door from the handle to the floor so they couldn't scratch and ruin the door. It took a while for them to get used to it, but soon they started sleeping on the dryer with their arms around each other.
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Sometimes the boys have to go in the other room long enough for us to eat, because they always try to share. ^^;;
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Sometimes when Scooter gets out of control tormenting Pearl, will give him a "time out" in the bathroom for a few minutes. He gets mad and pouts in the corner, but poor Pearl gets a little peace and quiet. I would never actually do it, but sometimes I would love to spank his little behind!
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My breeding cats have their own room. Holly, Sophie, Bridget and Muffin all share a room and they are locked up for the most part of the day. When I am cleaning their house out, they have free range of the house. Benja(Our stud cat) also lives in the room but he is penned. The only time I ever lock Elmo up (in the house) is when I'm going to be out for a long time and I don't want him outside by himself for a long time.
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Never, my cats are experts at hiding if someone is here they don't like or don't want to see
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Originally Posted by hissy
Never, my cats are experts at hiding if someone is here they don't like or don't want to see
Isn't it funny? We have eight in the house right now, and they are always underfoot, but if the house suddenly has kids in it—like magic, there are no cats to be seen.
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If something potentially dangerous, like ironing, needs to be done or when mommy's little helpers decide to contribute in baking etc. Usually not for other reasons.
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I shut them out of the bedroom last week so a man could fix my boiler as I'm sure he wouldn't have been happy if they'd tried to 'help' him but other than that, no. If strangers come in then kitties hide under the bed, and I don't know anyone who has allergies anyway.
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my daughters boyfriend has cat allergys so ive said when the they visit ill shut the cats away,as long as they have foo/water/tray they are happy
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Even though i have got a cat, im allergic to him. I'd never lock him away just coz people are coming over!
My bro's mate is allergic to cats too n when he comes over we just leave my cat to do what he pleases! It aint the cats falt!
But the only time my cat gets locked up is when its night time! we keep him in the kitchen, coz if we dont he will wake us up in the middle of the night.
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Every night. Their bunkbeds, food & water are in the bath-laundry room(Also their litter in a closet in there. )
Also if company comes with with rowdy kids...Toby will run and get in his bed...and then I close the bathroom door cause i know he wants to get away from them ...and then the kid(s) are not allowed to mess with him.
I don`y know why he`s always been afraid of kids....I don`t know of one who ever did anything to hurt him....think maybe it`s cause he was`nt around them much as a kitten????
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Oh...also "LOCKED" them in a bedroom once...(with all their necessities of course)...when we had an Open House. I could`nt shut them in their bathroom...for obvious reasons...but was afraid someone might accidently let them get outside. They had their cat perch next to the window and seems quite content
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The only time Rosie and Sophie are locked up is if i'm at work and thats in the guest room, aka " their room ", but they have everything there such as litter trays, food, water, toys.

The reason being, i set the alarm on the house for downstairs, but when i'm there and anyone comes to visit it's their house so they can stay where they want
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Originally Posted by hissy
Never, my cats are experts at hiding if someone is here they don't like or don't want to see
Same here!
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We lock Ozzy up at night because he has this annoying habit of whacking the metal miniblinds over and over with his paws, which makes an incredible racket. Also, he likes to groom us at night. Specifically our hair. Apparently it's not tidy enough for him.
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I very rarely "locked" up Pepper. Only if we were moving and she had to be locked in the bathroom or she'd be underfoot and out the door Pixie was locked in the spare room when she was first brought home, we had to make sure she was healthy (being a stray) before coming in contact with Pepper. My Mom has allergies and even when she comes to visit I don't lock my babies up, it's not fair to them that she has allergies. I just sweep, vaccum and Mom has her allergy spray..it's all good.
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I rarely need to lock up my three unless it's for their own safety, like when I new carpet installed in part of the house last year. They usually hide or pretty much stay out of the way when company comes.
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More times than I want to admit. I feel bad when I do it, but its for their safety. When we weere having repairs done from last years hurricanes, workers had to be in the house when we were at work. I wouldn't trust them to be sure not to let them out, so I secured them in the bed/bath area. They "dig" on the carpet near the door, but I'd rather replace the carpet than take the chance of losing one of my babies!

When Oliver was a kitten, he was locked in a bedroom while furniture was being delivered. He wanted to get out so bad that he pushed his little nose against the bottom edge of the door so hard, it began to bleed.
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We had to have workmen in last year to replace drywall & flooring. So I definitely locked the boys in the bedroom. When the carpet guy came, he needed the bedroom door open 'cos the carpet extended under it. So the cats were roaming around. Pushy hid under the bed - he's much more wary of strangers than Wiggies. Wiggies just made friends with him and "helped" him lay the carpet! It was in a big roll on the floor, and of course Wiggies loves a good tunnel! Then the carpet guy was on his hands and knees to install the carpet, so up jumps Wiggies onto his back to play! Luckily, the guy really seemed to like him.
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