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I feel better about coming home!

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Before I left the USA for NZ, I was feeling a little down because I had grown to love Asheville and wouldn't have minded staying there. But that all changed yesterday!

Yesterday, Gabe, my dad and I went to Hanmer Springs - it is a thermal pool resort that is sooo popular with us Christchurch people - you can find the link here: http://www.hanmersprings.co.nz/ Dad, Gabe and I just enjoyed the hot pools - they are about 36-38 degrees celcius - 96-100 degrees fahrenheit. Lovely to sit in for a couple of hours and do nothing. Of course I had to go into the cold kids pool with Gabe -29C-84F which isnt too bad but cold compared to the warmer pools LOL. We had a wonderful day.

Anyway, back to my point. On the drive up, it brought back memories - I remembered all these places like frog rock, etc. And it made me realise - I had forgotten how beautiful New Zealand was!!!! Being away for 6 years made me realise that I had forgotten so much, missed so much. And now that I am home on the soil of my birth, I feel so much better. I finally felt relaxed which has been quite a while. I could feel a lot of calmness and serenity as I looked over the scenery and I knew that everything was going to be okay. I kept looking at Gabe in his booster seat and thinking, hes so great, he has a great sense of humour, we have bonded so well after missing so much with each other, that it doesnt matter anymore, what matters is the future and we will have a great one together. I know I sound all new-agey and hippyish, but thats who I am at heart.

Now I said all that, I feel great! Just had to tell someone.
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Congratulations, Kellye! It's so hard to know, isn't it, when you make a big move like that. I'm glad this is working so well for you.
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Kellye, I am so glad you have found peace with where you are living.
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That's so great, Kellye! It's really nice to have you back!
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That's great to hear!! I took a look at that link that you posted I could live in that spa forever!!
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That sounds so wonderful! I am so happy for you.
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