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Pooping Accident

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I came home the other day to find my husband complaining about how powerfully strong the cat's poo was. I started looking and there was a poo on the futon in his office. The cats have usually laid on the futon and it was covered by a bedspread that used to be on our bed that the cats have always seemed to like. We don't know which one did it.

Both the cats seemed to sense that something was wrong because we were so upset and fussing over cleaning the futon (we had guests coming in 20 minutes!). But we've given them love and attention and regular play as always since then and they aren't acting strangely or aggressively. Billy meows constantly because he gets bored easily, but we try to play with him as much as possible and he's never been a problem.

At first I thought there were aggression issues, but now Im beginning to think they were lounging there and one of them just had an accident and couldnt get to the litterbox in the back of the house (same floor) in time. Neither of them seems to have any ongoing behavior issues and I've cleaned the poo and sprinkled lemon around the area and they are giving it a wide berth.

Is there any validity to a poo accident theory or is there a behavior problem developing?
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Watch your cats closely........

If this is the only incident, I would not worry about it too much...cats sometimes have accidents.....(or on purpose accidents )

If it continues though you may want to take a trip to the vet......anything from stress to worms can cause accidents.....

But if it seems like bussiness as usual I wouldnt worry too much.....just keep an eye on it....

good luck
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I don't have any advice - I just wanted to say how gorgeous your cats are!
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I don't have advice, but it reminded me of something. When Tripod was a kitten, my BF was taking a nap. Tri pooed right next to him on the bed! We couldn't believe it! It hasn't happened since.
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I like Bijou and Mika's new sig . . . I need to get a new one!
Yeah, Im thinking it was just an accident. At first I wanted to read so much into it . . . but they seem so happy and loving and playful now. Hard to think one of them did it on purpose. My husband works from home and Billy sleeps by his feet all day and Blossom sleeps on my side of the bed and we all have a big play session when I get home from work.
They dont know how good they got it!! I do love them so. I need new pics up. Blossom has gotten so much prettier and Billy is more handsome.
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