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Grooming Persian Kitten

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I have a 10 week old Persian kitty who is not "in love" with being groomed. I am trying to get her comfortable with this before her hair gets really long. I use treats and she'll let me comb her for a few minutes - she's okay with the sides, back and tail - she knows if she tolerates this she'll get a treat. I can even hold her under her front legs so she's standing up against me and comb from her middle tummy down. I'm very gentle and talk to her the whole time. She wants no part of me combing under her chin, chest or upper tummy area. Any suggestions on how to hold her to get to those areas? The Vet said by the scruff of the neck but that seems very mean and like I'm forcing her. She doesn't like that either, tries to squirm away and bite. Who ever said this was supposed to be a bonding experience? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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I have Ragdolls & Persians and your vet is right. It's often easier and quicker to scruff them if they fight to get it done quickly. The idea is to take charge and show no fear, try wearing gloves and clipping claws to begin with.
My Lillie wasn't so keen to be groomed underneath when I first got her, but now she loves it and willing lets me brush/comb away.

With Persians your better off using a swivel tooth tangle free comb, that way if you do come across and knots, they slip through easier than pulling their skin.

My cats, all 12 of them and their babies all get combed and love it. The best one is my stud boy, he comes running over when he see's me going to their grooming draw, and will purr & rub all over the place as he loves it so much.

As soon as your baby realises it is nice, she'll soon come round.
Good luck..
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