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Yeah shes a useless piece of eye candy..I wanna know where the eye candy for us GIRLS is??? Jeff, the host is the best looking guy around this time through..
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I don't know, that Rob is kinda cute. He's good looking, and has that accent, and he went to Boston University and majored in psychology and wants to be a doctor. THe best part is he doesn't keep acting like a know-it-all or flaunting his education.
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I agree! I think Rob is rather cute!

Sarah is a flake, and that isn't the word I was thinking, but this is a family site. I loved Sean's comment about how all she had to offer was her floatation devices. :LOL:
I like Sean, so far. Kinda early to tell, though. Gina seeems nice, and that judge...Pashal or something, Kathy is really bossy though....don't think she'll last long.

All in all it was a pretty good show!!
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The truck assembly lady, that's Kathy right? Did you see the clips from next week? "Ok, this is the tool tree, we put the tools here". Bossy bossy!!!

Sarah, jeez. I'd just be so embarassed to look so cheap. The thing I always think about when I see people like that on tv, is whether or not they tell their parents they are on. I'd just die if I ever looked like such useless $lutty fluff and my mom saw. Or even if she didn't/ Gina is 10x cuter because she has class.
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:LOL: Alicat, yes, $lut was very close to the word I was wanting to use, except mine began with a W...:LOL:

Kathy is (I think) the real estate agent on the other team, who was so bossy.

I hope Rob doesn't turn out to be a jerk (like Silas on the last one, cause I thought he was cute at first too, till I saw his personality)
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I agree with you about Sarah. There is always someone who thinks the rest of the world was made to do her bidding. Turner impresses me too. Of course we could all change our minds as time goes on. The important thing is IT'S BACK ON! Now I'll risk your wrath and say that I miss Big Brother too. Should I duck?
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Heck no...don't duck!!! If you have to duck, then so do I, cause I loved Big Brother and was wondering if there would be another one, and when??
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Oh nooo, please, no more Big Brother. That was so boring!! Just my opinion, but they needed to have something more to do. Whhee, we're sitting on the couch, we're cranky, we're arguing, we're still sitting on the couch. I did know a girl on the first one, and she's really nice, but she came across pretty badly on it.

Back to Survivor, I think just right off that Rob won't end up being anything like Silas. Did you see how well he took what Hunter told him, and how he totally threw himself into the boring work, with no complaints? Any guy that can take a little constructive criticism, accept it and learn from it, without making excuses or arguing is okay with me! Plus, he hasn't once acted like he's a smartypants, even though he has to be psych at BU is no walk in the park! THat's a tough school. And I've never found a Boston accent so appealing before...

shhhh, don't tell my honey!
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There is going to be another Amazing Race though. I got hooked on that early on! Can't wait to see the new one!
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I never watched Amazing Race ...... is it similar to Survivor?
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I only saw a few of that one, but it was cool Teams of two, that they picked (ie husband/wife, friends, siblings) went through this race of travel and trials. It was pretty cool.
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I don't know if any of you knew this, but another thing I really like about that Rob, is that in the Tv guide, it said he was single and lived with his cat named Fred. Any man who lives with a cat, can't be all bad!!!
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Good morning all!

I just read in next wk's TV guide that for the last Survivor Lex & Tom got awarded $100,000 each for a problem in one of the immunity challenge.

I can't wait for next wk - the next Amazing Race starts on Monday & will be on Monday's & Wednesday's.
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I really liked the Amazing Race. After the two guys pushed the mother and daughter around, I just couldn't wait for them to lose. Isn't that awful? She forgave them and was pleasant, and I'M STILL MAD! Those guys were very smart, and had a lot of luck too. They didn't have to play dirty.
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I loved seeing all of the different location that they went to because chances are I'll never get to them!
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Ok - anyboby else think it was a stupid mistake to vote out Patricia (Momma) last night? Sean and Sarah have got to go. I think that this tribe is going to lose alot more immunity challenges as the are not working together like Rotu is.
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Sarah is a spoiled brat and they should of dumped her. segments from next week shows her going on a rampage like that last survivor did when people voted against him. It always seems to me anyway that these shows the people picked tend to resent the people who are highly motivated and try in turn to motivate them and let them know that it is not a vacation but an act of survival that they need to be aware of.
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The thing is they are now going to be voting off their 2 best players - Hunter & Gina. They do the most there!
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Are you looking in a crystal ball? I missed that segment part.
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You bet I am looking in a crystal ball. I can't see Rob, Sean & Sarah wanting to keep Hunter & Gina. Their only chance is if Vecepia changes sides.
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it might sound like I was being smart-mouthed, but I wasn't. I was just teasing and trying to find out if maybe you found a place on the Internet where they let this kind of stuff out of the bag early. Sorry if you took offense.
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Don't worry - none taken - I was joking back. I wish I had one so I could do better on my on-line competetion - I guess each week with thoushands of other people who will be voted off next. I would love that kind of advantage! LOL Just let me know what you want predicted & I can guarentee I'll look in my magic 8 ball & provide you with a definate maybe.
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Yeah, Sarah is a wimpy whiny brat. Momma at least pulled her weight and more! I don't see much in the way of alliances there...so I bet Sarah's the next one gone.
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I can understand a little bit better why "Momma" was voted off. She didget bossy. However, that sort of thing can be discussed. She said on the Today Show that no one seemed to realize that an adequate shelter was of primary importance. The rest believed that socialization should come first. Socialization happens automatically when you're working together for a common goal. I remember how useful Bebe (sp?) was in the first Survivor. However, he did not understand the lack of the work ethic in many of the younger people; he went home very quickly. Also, remember how that group of young people in Africa just lay around and let the older group get the water and do the chores because they wanted to sleep? Then they started voting off all the responsible people. I think the group that joined them from the other tribe had the better method of teaching responsibility. Just sit down and don't do anything. They learned fairly quickly that way. When I was young I hated to be bossed around. I understand how the young adults feel about that. However, the belief that older means worthless seems to be prevalent. Let's hope to say goodbye to Sarah next week.
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I was for sure it was going to be Sarah getting the boot, but it ended up being Momma. I can see why she was voted off, too: she was getting a bit bossy. Honestly, I cannot stand anyone who is bossy. When you're an adult, you should worry about your own things & not worry about what others are doing. And, Sarah was trying to tell them to build a better shelter, but no one would listen to her. They don't seem to work together as the other tribe does ...... Course, on every show it's like that!
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I just wanted to chime in here and say I cannot stand Sarah . I was really hoping she'd be next to go, but we'll see next week.
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I 100% agree with you!!!! I cannot stand Sarah either!!! She reminds me of Lindsey on the last one. I hope she is gone next week!!!!!!

I really like that Gina alot! She looks like a girl I know here, they could be twins!!
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I respectfully disagree with Tigger about "adults" minding their own business. Everyone on the island is an adult. Almost every group on tv consists of responsible and irresponsible adults of all ages-18 to? A group is a microcosm of society. Your rights end where mine begin; we can't have workers and leeches. The problem with Bebe and Momma is that they did not respect the adulthood of the other adults. Their work ethic was great, and so was their work. They simply lacked communication skills. It wouldn't make sense for each person to work separately to build a shelter. It would take too long, and the idea of a cooperative group would be gone. However, if the workers, younger and older, would have built a shelter with the help of only those who wanted to use it, and made that clear in an impersonal way, the others would have helped or learned the hard way. That's what happened on Survivor, Africa. A night or two in the elements would be eye opening.
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Jeanie G.
True .... they lack communication. But, when someone starts bossing people around & telling them what to do, it doesn't work. I would think it would be better to ask than to boss. For example: When the one guy (can't remember his name ....... the black dude w. the braids) wasn't helping, the other guy asked if he minded helping. Now, personally, I'd rather someone ask me to help, than to be told what to do...........

I don't know...... that's just how I feel
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Tigger, you are SO right. I still hate to be bossed around, and I have 4 kids over 21! Communication skills can make all the difference.
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