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That is just sick & wrong! Pass it to me! Could you imagine sucking on other people's spit and such??? yuck!:tounge2:
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I think it's gross too! When my nephew and his wife were dating, she told me that when they shared a bag of peanut m&m's since she didn't like peanuts, she would suck all the chocolate off, then give him the peanut to eat!!! I thought that was SOOOO gross! Wonder if they still do that now, since they have been married for several years now! LOL
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:lol I used to do that with my dog - eat the chocolate and give her the peanut!
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Originally posted by hissy
Maybe.......the General steps in his own pig snare? I had to laugh when he was explaining to the others the reason he wanted to build the snare is because he loves bacon! Anyone else see a smokehouse and curing salts on that island? Not to mention, they are only there for what 9 more days?
Plus the fact the EVERYONE knoes you get bacon form the store....

I would have taken Nelias mint, just cuz.... C'mon, nobodies EVER shared gum with soemone???ever?

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Well, ok, my husband has shared his gum or mint with me! Does that count!? :LOL:
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Why is it now wrong to play the game? Sean and some of the others are saying that Neleh is not the sweet person she seems to be, but is very adept at playing the game. I haven't seen Neleh doing anything underhanded. Isn't that why they're on the show? She can still be a nice person. The general pointed that out on the Today Show this morning. He also said that "Pappy" is a really exceptional person.
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Yes, I agree. I mean the whole point of being there is to 'play the game' is it not??

I think that Neleh will be voted off though eventually, her and Pappys bond is too strong and I don't think the others will like it. I forsee that she is next to go possibly, although I like her ( except when she was acting kind of silly two weeks ago after her cruise ).
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I agree. She was acting rather silly, but she's very young. The mint thing was a bit much. But to hear Sean talk, she's the wicked witch of the west! Unfortunately, I also think she'll be voted off because she and Paschal are such a strong pair.
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I was so glad Kathy didn't listen to Sean. Pappy has always done his share and been an all around good guy. Sean improved immensely, but too late, in my opinion. I like V, however. The show hasn't featured her quite as much because she's not a "character." I hope Pappy wins. Right now, let the best man or woman win. There aren't any more villains.
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I was so mad last night....ready to throw my TV out the
All week it is just fine, then come Thursday....static. I think the weather was bad further away, and the antenae wasn't getting good reception. This is the second time this has happened on Survivor night!!!!! Thank goodness my NBC channel was coming in a little clearer, so I could tape Friends and see Rachel have her baby!

I was able to see and hear some through the static, and made out most of it. I was glad Shaun won the vehicle, at least he didn't go home empty handed He and V were the only ones who hadn't won or participated in a luxury challenge, so I'm glad one of them won it.

I was kind of hoping Neleh would go....nothing against her as a person, she is very sweet, but I just think she needed to go...for some reason she is getting on my nerves lately. Maybe it is too much sweetness, I don't know. I like sugar on my cereal, but if I pour the whole bag on it, it makes it a bit know what I mean? :laughing: I can't seem to forget her offering her sucked on candy to 5 other people and smelling her hair for two hours. :LOL:

I really want Pascal to win. I think kathy has also played the game well, but I don't want her to win over him. And V is nice, but she really hasn't done a whole lot to impress me.

Is it true the next (and very last) episode of Survivor will be on this Sunday night? Someone told me that at work...just wanted to check.
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I hope Pappy wins, although he seems very depleted energy-wise these days. I reeeeeally don't want Cathy to win, I have never liked her. Shes a flake
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I have to agree with you there...although she has played the game well, there is just something about her I don't like.
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Debby, I thought I heard that the last episode is Sunday also, but by the time I turned up the volume, the announcement was over. I'm sure someone will tell us.
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The 2 hour finale is on Sunday ....... Wonder why they are having it on a Sunday instead of their normal day???
I dont know about all of you, but I'm tired of hearing about race issues on reality tv shows. Sean has brought it up too many times, and I'm sick of it. It's the same thing with The Real World, too.

I never really watched Friends. A few months ago, I read on the National Enquirer front page that Rachael was supposed to die....... was that true? Are you watching WWF Tough Enough on MTV?
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No Rachel didn't die, thank goodness!!! No I'm not watching that show on MTV, I have never gotten into wrestling much. And I know what you mean about the race issues.
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Wow! Tonight's show was awesome!

I was so disappointed though, that Pascal got voted off, just because he picked the purple rock....that didn't seem fair at all, since he hadn't even been voted for....why didn't they just have Kathy and Neleh choose rocks????? Poor Pappy.

I was glad Kathy didn't make it to the final two. I just never did care much for her. When it came down between V and Neleh, I was hoping V would win. Out of the two of them, I thought she played the game better, and worked harder for it.

I really enjoyed the live show with Rosie...and hey! We got to see Colby again!!! Wooohoooo! (He's still a babe)

Everyone sure did look different. V looked pretty much the same, but Neleh looked way different, and Kathy looked about 20 years younger!!!
I thought Tammi looked alot different, too.

I suppose I will be going into withdrawals now on Thursday nights, since there won't be any Survivor to watch till this fall, and Friends will be all reruns.

It was a good show tonight. I really enjoyed it. It was cool they all won vehicles at the end...John especially seemed happy about that! He was even hugging Shaun!

What did the rest of you think about tonight's show?
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How surprising! I was really disappointed that Kathy didn't win, she was my favourite. Kathy is so down to earth and rugged. Neleh was so annoying w/ the "oh my heck" and "suck my mint", maybe she will get a nose job with her 100,000:LOL:.

BTW, who is Colby???

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I thought the most deserving person to win got the shaft Pascale. He was the one to play with the integrity that he had and until the 24th day, he didn't even get that devious. I was glad he survived his collapse too, that was scary when he didn't show up for the council that time.
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I wanted Kathy to win.
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I really wanted it to be either Pappy or Kathy. I thought they were both awesome. But, V did a good job all in all, and in the end she was the winner, and it was fair. I hated that she screwed Kathy in the end, and I was irritated about the rocks. It should have only been Kathy and Neleh to draw, I though Pappy got shafted on that one.

I am sure glad it wasn't Neleh though that was the big winner, her holier than thou act was really old.

Since I didn't watch Friends all season, I guess I'll tune in to the re runs now for the summer on Thursday nights!!!!!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
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I think what happened to Pappy is inexcusable! The whole way through the series the person getting the boot had to have votes. Considering that there was a million dollars involve, many people would have sued, and I wouldn't blame Pappy if he did-unless he signed an agreement saying that people who held purple rocks would be eliminated! It makes no sense whatsoever.
Neleh had a point- she never had a chance to win until the 24th. day. She was under no pressure to play the game. The mint thing was a turn-off, but saying she couldn't possible have been a genuinely nice person makes no sense. When she realized winning was a possibility, she tried to make it happen--of course!
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Theres only one word to describe my feelings towards V winning the Million- Disappointment She didn't deserve it at all, IMO. I couldn't have been happier though when Kathy got the boot She was a complete flake- and a whiner. I nearly CRIED when Pappy got the purple rock How unfair was THAT?!? He shouldn't have been involved in that draw at all, no one had ever written his name on the paper once during the whole show. I would definitely have protested if I had been him. He deserved to win more than anyone, IMO.

I thought it was pretty cocky of V to have said she knew all along that she'd win, even before she got accepted to be on the show officially. All because she had a 'vision' Puhleeeeeze It was pure unadulterated LUCK that got her to the final two.

I'm extremely disappointed in how this Survivor played out. I hope the next one has more personable and moral people on it. Not to mention a nice reprieve from the bible thumpers
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You know I agree with you, Melissa, because I posted right before you. I think we should go to the site and complain.
I disagree about the prayer, though. Those who wanted to participate did and the editors chose to show that. Prayer and the Bible are always a part of some people's lives, even on the Survivor shows, and I'm grateful for that. I just don't like people shoving their specific religion down other people's throats. We can't blame God for what some people do, however.
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Oh my heck! I am so peeved that it came down to V and Neleh. I wanted it between Pappy and Kathy. I would have been happy if either of them won.
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Safron- to answer your question...Colby was the gorgious dude who brought Rosie in on his motorcycle....he was on one of the previous Survivor shows, and was one of the final two, but didn't win the million.
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I was disappointed that Pappy got booted off... the rock drawing was really stupid if you ask me. I was kind of happy for V, but after she made the African-American remark, it kind of turned me off, how she said she was the first African American woman to win. Please! Do you see white people saying "Hey, I'm the first white person to win the game!"? NO. I really wish stuff like that would just stop -- it gets old. Who gives a care if you are white, black, hispanic, etc! I don't.

Now, I heard on Howard Stern on Monday that the next Survivor starts in 3 weeks, but on the previews, it said this fall! Hmmm.....
Thailand looks very interesting!
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Tigger, I think they start filiming in 3 weeks, but I am pretty sure it doesn't start till Sept. or so.

I totally agree with you about the "african american" thing. You hit it right on the head when you said about a white person saying "the first white person" etc etc. It aggravates me more than anything else. I absolutely hate that, but I normally keep my mouth shut in fear of insulting somebody!! I'd hate for someone to misconstrue my words and think I was prejudice or anything, ( which I am NOT ).

Good points made, tigger.

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I know what you mean, but people still say things like, "the first in our family to go to college," the first native born Californian to be president",--I made that up, of course, but women were very happy to see a woman Supreme Court Judge, because there had never been one before. There have been many changes, but still a lot of "firsts" for African Americans and women. When it's common it will no longer be a big deal or even worth mentioning.
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I tend to agree with you guys about the race thing...I am not one little bit prejudice, at all. but it seemed to me that her and Shawn were making too big of a deal out of winning it because they were black. She was a human being just like the rest of them, why turn it into a race thing....we didn't hear what's his name....crap, can't think of it, that won the first one, going on and on about how big a thing it was for Gay people because he won it.
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