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Well, we still have Sean to dislike! He will do until we form strong opinions on someone else. You're right, though, I'm sure many people tuned in to find out what Rob would do next!!
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I dislike John the most right now. Especially after seeing him smirk when they were reading Robs name off. I have no lost love for Rob, but it rubbed me the wrong way to see John take such glee in his coup.
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I want to see John and Sean be the next ones to go! I don't really care for either of them.

I really like Kathy, she seems to be very "mature" and not into all the drama that they are. I know she will have a tough time though beating out the others.
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I'm still rooting for The General- but Neleh or Paschal winnig would make me pretty darn happy too. Kathy isn't going to last long, shes got a lot of paranoia right now because she stupidly listened to Rob. I do have to say, that while I'm glad Rob is gone, he looks like he'd be a riot to drink with
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She was stupid to tell the others what she and Rob talked about. She went against her word, and Rob was telling the truth. I miss Rob already. His one on ones with the camera were hilarious. I liked what he said after being voted off, and I think it went along with everything he had said all along. All along, he laughs at everything, and had talked about manipulating and playing the game, that's what he did. I always like the nice people like Gina or T-Bird, but he is right. It is a game, not real life.
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We had a big storm here last night, and it interfered with the TV reception, and it was all balck & white and fuzzy....I watched it anyway.....even though my hubby thought I was crazy, since all I could hear was static, but I could see a little bit, and at least I saw that Rob was the one voted off....thank goodness, but I am sure I missed alot of good conversation!!!! Is there anything in particular I should know?????
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You missed alot- here is a link with a good recap about what happenedRecap survivor
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Yay, Rob was voted off! He was such a player!
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i'm not happy Rob is gone, he was the only entertainment ! he was too much fun to watch.


it's funny what people turn into with false power.

tammy&zoe&vecepia also = yuck.

and let's not forget about sean.

but maybe he will become as entertaining as Rob was. we'll see.
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Thanks for the link, Hissy!
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tonight was simply incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!

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If John hadn't been so arrogant about being in charge, I might have felt bad about his tears! Now if they can find a place where Sean could sleep in private...
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Oh my goodness, the water works at the end! I was laughing. John looked so smug at Tribal Council, guess his smugness didn't last. I love that the underdogs came in at the last minute, and saw him for what he is and voted him off. Great show!
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I am so happy that arrogant group got it stuck to 'em!!! They were so cocky and in your face about their alliance! And it backfired!

I loved Sean's words when he voted..."john Checkmate...If you like Vegas, remember, bet on black". Ha ha they so got John! I can't believe he cried! What a baby!

The previews for next week look like fun! I can't wait already. But what was the deal saying catch us next Wednesday and Thursday? I guess I'll check the CBS site.
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Wednesday they are having a Survivor Marathon with many never before seen scenes being shown.....say that 3 times fast! LOL
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I was so happy that John got kicked out. If he didn't then the show would have become predictable. There is a new power base on the island and Zoe, Tammy & General are now afraid. What an exciting change! Hopefuly Zoe is off next as see seems to have lied to Kathy, even when confronted. I can't wait till next week!
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I don't care for Zoe or tammy, so I hope they get rid of them soon.

I loved this weeks show!!! At the end, when John blurted out"I'm sorry you won't be able to retire, mom" and started to cry, was the best!!! Like someone else said here, if he hadn't of been so cocky and arrogant and full of himself, I might have felt badly for him, but instead, I laughed!

I loved it when he blew Shawn a kiss during the challange, and Shawn caught it and put it on his @ss! Too funny!! :laughing:
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OMG check this out! They listened to us! We have the power!!! :tounge2:


Oh, and Zoe bugs the heck out of me! Crossing my fingers she's next to go!
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John crying was absolutely funny!:tounge2: Did you see the look on Tammy's face, though, when they found out it was John! hehe! I was rooting for her at the beginning since she is from AZ, but I'm not anymore. I just don't like her..... I'm still rooting for Neleh or Pashcal! They are the only 2 that I like.

Did you see next season is going to be near the Indian Sea?? It's another island-type episode. I cannot wait til they do the reunion one, though. I wonder if the $$$ will go towards charity??
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Alicat!!! Thanks for the link! I went and checked it out, and it sounds awesome!!! I can't wait!!! Wish it was going to be sooner, though.
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Yeah, it looks like the next one is on some islands off Thailand. I bet it will be pretty. The article I linked to also talked about that, and it said that the Kenya one had lower ratings than all the other ones, which were all near water, so they are going to stick that kind of place. Fine with me, although I thought the Kenya one was pretty interesting!
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I was surprised to see that no one had posted! What a turn around. Zoe was eliminated when it appeared the General was going, and the power has shifted completely. The good guys are in the majority! Isn't this what we hoped for?
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I had figured it would be Zoe. No particular reason, I just figured they'd vote em' off one by one. And I knew Kathy didn't like her, so I figured she'd convince the others to off Zoe first.

Anyway, glad to see the "good" guys in control.
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Do we see Sean changing? And becoming nicer??? Those tears were unexpected and since the exit of rob and john, sean seems to be a lot easier to be around and not trying to be in control of anything. Zoe looked completely surprised when her name was read. Guess it goes to show you, suck-ups are pretty transparent......
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He certainly appeared to be a different person when he was with the judge. Sometimes I think we all mistakenly see predjudice where it doesn't exist. Sean, I believe, has seen that he made a judgment error.
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I really didn't like Zoe. I couldn't believe what a lying two-faced suck up she was.

But then...

I looked up the voting records at www.cbs.com/survivor, and you know when John's group was going after Sean, but it backfired? Well Zoe didn't vote for Sean ~ she voted for John! So she really wasn't part of that alliance???
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I think Zoe was just trying to suck up to everybody, whoever she thought it would benefit her most. So I was glad to see her go.
I too am starting to like Shawn a little more.
It was nice of them to bring back food for the others, and I don't think either of them did it as a strategy to not get voted off, I think they did it to be nice.
I liked Shawns comment about how forget about alliances, or who was going to be voted off, these people are real people with real feelings, etc, and he really wanted to bring them all back some food to enjoy.
I know that's not exactly how he said it, but it was something like that.

I really, really hope Tammi goes next. I just don't care for her at all.
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I'm starting to like Sean, too! He is actually a decent person and he is funny. Zoe was just a *itch, and that little suckup stunt with the bracelets was just plain dumb on her behalf. I'm waiting for Tammy to go, too. Have you been watching the Real World lately? I feel so bad for the girl with the kidney problems She has NO health insurance! You would think they would know what is wrong with her ...... but, it looks like they don't!
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Tigger...yes I have been ritually following The Real World this season, and I too feel SO sorry for Tanya!!! She really is in alot of pain!!! And that Aneesa needs a good butt kicking, and why can't she keep her dang clothes on???

Sorry guys....I know this is a survivor thread, just wanted to throw that in to Tigger.
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I've only seen a few of this season's Real World. Aneesa is the lesbian right? Yes, she needs to take a cold shower! What I never understand is don't these people know the whole world including their MOTHER is watching? Maybe it's an age/hormone/being single thing, but how hard is to keep your pants on for a couple months?
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