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There's an old saying about one rotten apple spoiling the whole barrel. We just watched it happen! Rotu knew that Maraamu was ineffective with Rob and Sean, but they fell for the act! Now we know which members were the glue at Rotu. They are now Maraamu.
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Yay! Now I can look at this thread! The move to Wednesday made us behind, as we've had to tape it. Just finally got all caught up!

I looove the new Maraamu! I thought Gina was a goner and I totally like her. They all have such a great energy together.

That John guy totally ruined Rotu. He had to freak out on Gabe and turn the whole thing into one giant mess. If they'd just gotten rid of Rob M and Sean, everything wouldn've gone back to normal. I mean, who wouldn't get rid of them with the way they were acting? I can't believe Tammy kept serving them food like that! She was the slave, not Sean. He needs to drop that slave and master bull. That is just absolutely ridiculous. When white people work, fine, but black people working is slavery? What?

Ok, just took that quiz! Thanks Adymarie! Cool, I'm Theresa too. I loved T-Bird! I think Gina is the T-Bird of this Survivor.
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I was disappointed to see Gabe voted off. That is just the beginning I am afraid, of the Rotu decline. I think Shawn and Rob both deserved to go, but no, they picked Gabe, who I think was just trying to be honest. I missed the end where they show who voted for who...(while they roll the credits) did anybody catch who gabe voted for? I won't feel so bad if he voted for John, since then it means he was turning on his own original tribe as well, but if he voted for shawn or Rob and he got the boot, I will feel even worse.

John is starting to display an attitude I really don't like much, now....he seems to think he is in control, just like Rob does. Those two will surely butt heads next week.

I am so thrilled Maramu is doing so well now....I like them all!!!!
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Oh, and another thing...I really like that other Rob, the one who has the tatoos, he seems like such a nice guy. Not sure about the others on Rotu anymore.
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Gabe voted for John. I think he was rather shocked to se his name written on the paper at Tribal council- his eyes popped out. I don't like Sean or Rob one little bit- I swear if either of them win the game I'll never watch Survivor again ( yeah right..:laughing: )

Robert (Mr. Tattoo) seems like such a sweet guy. I've liked him since the beginning. I picked him as the winner before the show started I like Gina a lot as well...whats going to happen next week? I agree that Rob and John will definitely butt heads. You can't have two guys with a 'God complex' co-existing
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Thanks Melissa!

I think next week will really be interesting!!!
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I really want Gina, Neleh or tattoo Rob to win! I would even be content with Pasquel. I can't believe Rotu was so stupid and voted off Gabe - he was such a hard worker. Sean and Rob have got to go!
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What??? I am sooo bummed now. I really liked Gina. I was sure they'd get rid of Kathy, but it looks like they went back to tribal lines. How sad. I don't really like anyone that's left.
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I was shocked to see Gina go as well

Its going to be an interesting one next week , the tribes merge and it appeared from the previews theres going to be a fair amount of Dissention in the ranks.

I'd like to see Neleh, Paschal, or The General take the game. I picked General to win from the get go and hes still around..wooohooo! He has an 'Ethan Philosophy'- sit back, shut up and hold on
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I just watched Gina on the Today show. She holds no resentment against Maraamu members. I was a bit surprised that Kathy didn't leave, but at least they didn't cut each other's throats. They truly did not want anyone to leave. Gina said Rob impressed her as a smart guy who didn't play the game intelligently, and that Sean is just an angry guy. It's his nature. The merge will be interesting. I think we have to stop looking to see who's cute when we choose our favorites, and look for character right away. The same with the teams. They make the same mistakes we do. Wouldn't it be nice to see a good guy win? Of course, if we didn't have a villain, it wouldn't be as much fun to watch!
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I was really disappointed to see Gina go! The people from Rotu spoke how they were all a family, but it was proven at Tribal Council that they were still using the tribunal lines. I don't think they should've let Kathy lead them during the immunity challenge. She doesn't have that much of leadership. That brings up a question: I thought whoever played in the 1st challenge, they weren't allowed to play in the immunity challenge? Why did that jerk, Rob, get to play in the immunity challenge when he participated in the 1st challenge?

For my pick, I'm going for Neleh or Pashal to win..... I don't care for the others..... It ought to be interesting next week, though!
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I was really sad to see Gina go!

As I look back on what I said after the first episode, I can sure see how wrong I was!!! It is hard to form an opinion after one episode.
I actually liked Rob, and thought he couldn't be all bad, since he owned a cat named Fred, and was a cutie, but oh boy....I now feel sorry for his cat!!!!

Anyway.....I really like the other Rob, and Pascal and Neleh. The rest of them are just not anybody I would want to get to know.

I was thinking, you know what would be really interesting, and I bet it would get excellent ratings???..........if after this survivor, they had one with a bunch of the people from the other survivors thrown in together, and not only would it give them a second chance to win, but it would be SO fun to watch, I think!!!
They could pick 16 people, or how many ever it is that they start with, and divide them into two teams....
It would be fun to have Gina back, and Colby, Old Tom, Gervis, Sue,
and many of the others.

What do you guys think??

Maybe we could send them a letter... :LOL:

Who are some of the people you guys would like to see come back if they did that?
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That would be awesome!!!! I'd love to see Old Tom again- I loved that guy :laughing: ,and Rodger , Elisabeth (she was soo sweet) and Colby he was a nice guy too. I always feel so sad after a season of Survivor is over, because we'll never see many of those people again
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Rodger and Elisabeth!!!! That's it!!! I was trying so hard to think of their names to add to my list above, and I was having a major brain fart at the time, and couldn't remember either one!!!
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That's a great idea! I'm sure they have a website, but do they have a "suggestion box?" I like your choices, Old Tom , Colby, Rodger, Elisabeth--for good guys. But wouldn't a special Survivor for bossy and bad guys be a riot? All of them trying to be King of the Hill, all bossing each other around and not one able to trust the others. Plots and alliances would be really tough. I think it would be hilarious. Maybe the stakes could be different. If you don't win you have to live with your worst enemy in the Big Brother House! All the lazy people would have to be servants there! Oh, I'm getting mean now!
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Oh Jeanie!!! That's a great idea!!!!!!
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Ok, here's the official CBS Marquesas site http://www.cbs.com/primetime/survivor4/

Down at the bottom, on the left, there is a link for feedback. It's a form, rather than an email, so lets all push for a 'celebrity' or 'best of' Survivor. Maybe they could take votes to see who would get to be on it. Definately Gina, Hunter, and Big Tom! I miss that big crazy farmer. And T-Bird.
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I submitted a request. How about everyone else? It might work!
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Thanks for the link! I went and did it! I suggested it. It can't hurt!
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Watching the trailers for this week, makes me wish it were Thursday already! I wonder what kind of quest those two members have to go on, and it looks like it is going to be a good tense episode. Come on Thursday! LOL
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I agree! It looks like a good one!!
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Thursday can't come fast enough I wonder if the disagreements on that show have ever come to blows and we weren't shown the footage? The way Rob and John got in each others faces in the scenes from next week sure indicate that its a possibility...
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yeah and they find a skeleton too---wonder if it was planted there or if it was for real????
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Hey!! No telling!!! :tounge2:
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I was looking at the website, and saw that the Maraamo tribe is pretty close to the 3rd largest waterfall in the world! Wow, wouldn't that be awful to be right there and never see it? I saw an interview with Hunter though, and he said he got to do a lot of fun stuff on the island after being voted off and really enjoyed it.
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Nice to see the trouble that Rob was trying so hard to stir up backfired on him. I wish Kathy would chill now and just try and let go of all the stuff he told her. He outright lied to her and yet charmed her somehow to believe others lied to her as well. Well at least Rob is gone now. At least he had a good drunk before he left.
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He was entertaining, you have to give him that. But the others did lie to Kathy. We all saw the General, Zoe, and Tammy make the alliance with John, and then later make an alliance to get rid of Rotu (Kathy, Neleh, Gina and Pappy) first. Then they say they didn't. But I saw it!!
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I'm watching Rob on the Today Show. He says he was just playing the game, that his parents raised him right, and know that he would never lie and stir things up like that in real life. Bad guys don't always finish first, do they Rob? We believe every word you're saying now....sure we do.
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According to the tapes, the Today Show says, Zoe was lying. Rob said he appreciated the fact that John was just playing the game, but wasn't interested in finishing in the last group, only winning. O.K. I'll accept that, but I like the fact that the General is standing by his principles, win or lose.
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So maybe he was trying some not so subtle manipulating, who knows. But with him gone, so is all that daytime drama, so is Survivor going to fall flat on it's face now? Will be interesting to see what develops.
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