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Just wanted to say hello to everyone. Great web site.

I just picked up my cat from the SPCA today. He was stray someone found in a tree near their home. I think he has a bit of Russian Blue in him because he has a beautiful greyish/blue coat.

His name is Samuel Bogart--Sammy for short.
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Hi and welcome to The Cat Site!
What a beautiful cat you have and thank you for sharing his picture with us!! We are looking forward to hearing lots more about you and your new furbaby. Make yourself comfortable and please visit the different forums.
Enjoy yourself!
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He's so cute... looks just like one of the street cats I had when I was younger... and Yes I thing he looks a bit like a russian blue... the blue colour and he face...

Welocome here!
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What a sweety! Welcome to the site!
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Welcome to the site!! Sammy is just precious! I love the white marking on his face!
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