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French house update

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I have just returned from a visit to see how my French farm is getting on and I am thrilled with the results so far. The exterior is almost done and the interior walls have been removed to make way for the new bathroom and bedroom. I met the neighbours - they held a tea party for me, and they all said how much better it looks than before. Here is a picture:

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wow that is so pretty!
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Wow that is just too beautiful! Good luck with everything.

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Wow, Jenny! It is lovely!

I bet you are really excited to move and get in there now!

That is wonderful that the neighbours held a tea party for you! It's great to know you'll have friendly neighbours!
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Jenny thats gorgeous!!!!

You need to put one of the " before " pictures up beside it so the others can see what it was like?!.

And your neighbours sound lovely already!
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That looks great! You can't even recognize it from the last pic you put up!

sounds like you will have nice neighbors!
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Looking great Jenny!
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looks nice there,my brother has just bought a property out in southern france,it needs a lot doing to it,but we will be going there next year for a holiday probally have to take a paintbrush with us
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Wow, it's really coming along!

Didn't there used to be a fountain in front? I seem to remember seeing one in the last pictures - but it's really looking good! I wouldn't mind moving there myself
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OMG Jenny - what a difference! Looks great!
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Oh, how lovely, Jenny!
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It's so charming!
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That's really gorgeous!!! It has come a long way!

So when is the house warming party?
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That place is beautiful!!, it looks like it came straight out of a storybook
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Thanks. Here is a 'before' picture of the barn part. The fountain is still there, I just took the picture a bit closer up.

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That is just a beautiful house, I bet you are just so excited to move in, I would be!! How great that you have such friendly neighbors as well, how perfect for you!
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It's looking wonderful, Jenny! And so nice to discover friendly neighbours, too.
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What a wonderful home! Can I come live with you?
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Its looks really good-the contractors are doing a good job. Hoping I can see it next summer!!
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wow - what a difference the work has made - it looks great Jenny!
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It looks Lovely Jenny
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It looks like it's coming along nicely! I bet you can't wait to move in.
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I really love your house Jenny! I wanna come and visit!!!! Seriously, its so beautiful and it is looking sooo good!!!!
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It is exquisite...congratulations again on finding and acquiring such a wonderful place to retire to. Color me deep green
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