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My kitty has bloody diahrea HELP~

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HI, I've got a female kitty at 6 weeks old. She's been active and playful ever since she reached my place. But beginning on sunday night, (we went to the vet on saturday afternoon, she got the deworming medicine and some antibiotics for her sneezing.) she stopped eating adn woudn't move much. That's usually a bad sign. So i brought her back to the vet on monday afternoon where the doctor diagnosed her with a fever along with a shot, the doctor prescribed the new set of anti-biotics armoxillin or soemthing like that. It's tuesday evening now and her appetitie hasn't been any better. The vet has instructed us not to feed her any food, cuz he suspects stomach/intestinal problems. That wasn't hard, since the kitty wasn't feeding by herself anyways. But we've been injecting nutri-cal (watered down) and antibiotics orally. Her poop have changed from a running diahrea to a solid form now. As we were rejoicing on her recover, she begin having diahreas full of blood. The first was pinkish mixed with some brownish poop. Then the next one roughly 90 mins later was bright red, also with some brownish poop. I'm not sure if this is a sign of anal rupture (since she's been trying to poop alot while eating nothign at all for 48 hrs), intestinal infection, or any other terrible thing. A fecal exam was done yesterday and nothing was detected. Oral medicine has been applied for worms so it shoudln't be that. Coudl it be the food that she's been eating? or could it be food poisoning. It's really hot right now and i've left wet food out from the morning till the evening. (the times when i'm at work.) Could someone help me out here, i'm so lost. and vets seem so distant when issues occur. sigh
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PLEASE GO TO A VET ASAP. Find a new vet if the one you have is not helping. You kitten does not have blood in its stool for no reason, and it could be serious, and you should have a vet that will try harder for you and that poor kitten. Bright red blood also indicates arterial bleeding, and fresh. You should check and see if there are any ER vets in your area, this is not something that should wait!!! I am not sure if the food is related, but it very well could be. Wet food should not be left out, bacteria will breed and cause the cat to get sick. If you are gone for long hours you should be leaving out dry food and plenty of water, regardless of the temperature. Wet food should only be eaten fresh and leftovers discarded. You wouldn't give a child food that has been sitting out on a counter all day!! You should make every effort possible to get that kitten to a VET PLEASE!!! I am sorry to sound harsh, but it doesn't take much to understand how bad this kitten needs help.
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Blood in the stool of a kitten could be the food, parasites, coccidia, salmonella, or distemper. It is best to get it checked out as quickly as possible and under control. The deworming medicine is poison so some cats just feel punky after getting the pills or liquids. Depending on what type of worm infestation the cat has, the worms dying and passing through the system can be rough. The kitten could have ingested something and really does need to see another vet quickly. At that age they are still fragile and can fade within minutes.

Good luck!
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Sometimes parasites don't show up on first tests. My two rescue kittens were tested and treated for worms on their first visit but then developed bloody diarrheoa two weeks later, and another fecal test showed they have giardia, a mono-clonal parasite. So your two should be retested asap. Take them to the vet with a sample.
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I've just came back from the vet. We ran some chemical tests and everything showed up rather positive. The fecal examination showed negative of any shorts of worm/parasites, but just for precautions i brought in another sample and hopefully that'll come up negative too. I'm just hoping it's not FIP/FP. The doctor prescribed some gastrointestinal antibiotics and hopefully that'll do the trick. He suggested giving some yogurt along with rapid response GI that he prescribed me. I'm realy praying that my little kitten will be strong enough to battle the intestinal virus (the probable reason for her being so sick). The only good news among all this is that she's finally got rid of the fever. Phew..
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The kitty passed away this morning. She didn't eat for 4 days and she barely took in nutrients and water orally. Till now i'm still not sure why she was so ill. She was getting clear diahrreas, so does that mean things were passing out of her body without getting absorbed? Poor thing, it might be better that she's not suffering anymore. God bless her.

to anyone that has a kitty with the same symptons, besure to feed her water/pedialyte or something constantly, atleast every hour or more. especially if she's vomitting or passing out liquid easily.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Sometimes they just fade away so fast. I will take your advice and make sure I do just that if something similar happens to my kitties.

Have a good time at the bridge little one....There are lots of treats and friends for you there.
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