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Giving meds

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I'm a new cat owner. I picked up my cat from the SPCA and like most of the cats there he has a bit of a cold. They gave me some meds to give to him 2 times a day--about a 10 day supply. They did show me how to give him the meds in an eye dropped. My problem is that I have a very hard time grabbing him by the back of his neck to help open his mouth like they showed me. He is also squirms around alot too. He's pretty forgiving about all of it though because he's pretty young and not too aggressive.

Any ideas on techinques would help.

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The only advice I can give that has helped me, is that it's easiest if you can get him say on a kitchen counter, so that you can stand. When you scruff him (grab the back of his neck) make sure that his rear end is up against you. This way he can't back up and you have some stability with him.
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Ok, because I just went through ALL 5 of my cats having a cold..I am an expert. First, it depends on the size of the cat and whether or not they have vicious claws. I will address large cats with claws first...
My Marshall is a big baby and I cradle him- sitting down-use one hand for the dropper, the other for under his chin (he's a spitter)
My Terrell will take the medicine if I cradle him-sitting down- and do the "hold the back of the neck trick"
My littler babies I wrap them in a blanket put my legs on top of the blanket (only head sticking out) and hold the back of the neck
I have also put my Marshall under a pillow and put my legs on the pillow...

My best piece of advice is to put the dropper towards the side of the mouth instead of straight in the front. It seems to go down more easily! Best of luck!!!!

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LOL...yes, Jocelyn...but how much harm was done to YOU?
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krissie- thanks! luckily I made it out with only a few scrapes and scratches!
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Does he have to fast before receiving the medicine? If not, I find it easiest to mix it into a tablespoon or so of good ole' smelly food or even tuna water. The cat gets his meds and also thinks mom is giving him a treat!
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Part of the problem is that I think the meds are making him not eat too well. Either that or he is still adjusting to the new house. He ate very little today and yesterday. The vet at the SPCA told me to give him the meds using the eyedropper to make sure he got the full dose. I'll try the trick of having him stand in front of me tonight.

Thanks for all your input everyone.
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If its at all possible you could have someone help you. When we had to give Snuggles drops in his ear and ointment in his eyes, I would hold him on top of the table and my husband would give him the medicine.
If you're doing it alone maybe you could try to do it when your baby is a little drowsy and not so resistant. Good luck.
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