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Antisocial kitties

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I have 2 neutered male cats (4 months and 6 months) who are super sweet and loving with me, but whenever anyone comes over, they hide under the couch. I'll have friends stay with me for a weekend and they will stay under the couch the entire time except to eat and use the litterbox. This past weekend, my sister and her boyfriend stayed for the weekend and the second they left, the cats jumped in bed with me to cuddle even though I hadn't seen them the entire weekend! They are so friendly and outgoing with me, but so miserable whenever anyone else comes over. I know it's probably because they're only used to being around me, but shouldn't they atleast be interested in meeting people if they've been in the apartment for 3 days? I don't want them to have any problems in the future if I ever start living with another human. Any ideas?
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Alfie is the same. Max will hide at first, but curiosity gets the better of him and he comes out to look, and allows himself to be petted after half an hour or so.

Alfie just stays behind the sofa the entire time, unless the visitor is sitting down with me, talking, and ignoring him completely. Any loud noises and he'll stay where he is. Too many people and he'll stay were he is. He is a loving, adorable cat, he just doesn't like too much going on
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None of mine like strangers either. They run and hide, except Charcoal. He wants to investigate.
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Poptart is the same way.. but he will come out after he feels everything is safe, so maybe half an hour to a hour after the guests arrive.. but he will stay away from them unless he knows them. The other cats might run at first, because Apollo barks, but once he stops, if they ran, they come back to greet the guests, especially Gordito! he flops right over onto their feet.
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They are young cats so they might become more social, but for that to happen I think they would have to be exposed to others on a regular basis. I once had an adult cat who was that way. She loved me only and ignored my husband. The only time she paid him any attention at all was on the days I gave her a bath. That night she would sleep on the other side of him in the bed. She hid when company came and lots of my friends never knew I had a cat unless I told them.
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Yes it would take some time but other people being around more often could help. You might want to let someone that is close to you that you trust come over more and visit. They could talk to them to let them know its ok. While the company is there you could talk to the kittens as well. Try using treats. If you start now they should come around more than what they do. Like I said it takes time.
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Sometimes I think that is a result of how they here socialized as young kittens too.
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