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Indoor cat food/supplements

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I have had Shamie for 1 week now. Due to busy roads, coyotes and a crazy man that lives down the street that has killed 1 neighbors cat for sure, and possibly 3 others that lived in the neighborhood. I have decided Shamie should be an indoor cat only.
He doesn't bolt for the door when it's open and is pretty content being an indoor kitty. I've bought many types of toys and other items. He is very spoiled already. We just love him so much
I've seen on tv and in pet stores special food made for indoor cats. I assume it's due to lack of vitamins they receive from the sun.
During the day I keep all the blinds open in the house and he has a window seat that he loves. I know that the windows on cars have a UV protection. What about the windows in our homes?
He has been eating Solid Gold dry food and Wellness chicken can. I really don't like the ingredients I've seen on the "Indoor cat foods". Is there a supplement I should be giving him?

Thank you in advance,
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If you and kitty like solid gold they make a gazillion supplements for all sorts of things... I personally talked to the vet who assured me that most foods ( high end ) are okay and no supplement needed... I know in Nutros indoor is extra fiber sources vit d soy protein over the regular which my girl prefers... I would give a basic vitamin ( havent found one I like)supplement and fatty acid after talking to the vet to ensure no over doing it..
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IMO you'll do just fine with regular high quality food, Solid Gold and Wellness are both quite good brands in my understanding, based on zero personal experience. Aguess a little fresh natural meat every once in a while wouldn't hurt Shamie either. Remember that vitamin overdose can be more dangerous than deprivation.
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Thank you Ryn & Sharky for your replies.

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Actually, I think the indoor cat foods are generally lower in calories since indoor kitties aren't usually as active as outdoor kitties. As long as your kitty is maintaining a proper weight, then I wouldn't worry.
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I've had indoor only cats for years and never had to supplement their diets. They have all been pretty healthy and no problems that we had to take them to the vet and lived a good long life.
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Thank you for your replies cloud_shade & Yosemite
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All 3 of my cats are indoors only cats. They are on advance dry cat food (my personal choice) once a week they get a chicken neck or two and I take them out on a harness for brushing and a little chew on the grass. They sunbake in the lounge room for most of the day while I'm at work (next door) but they have never had any probs and are all healthy. Most cat foods you can purchase from your vet are complete foods, meaning they really dont need anything else. If your cat has some sunshine to sit in then thats all your baby will need.
Indoor foods are generally lower in fat an can help with coat and hairball maintanence.
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