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Collective Soul (Hissy, I like Air Supply too! )
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Disturbed :disturbed:I LOVE them!! Thats all I have in my cars Cd player these days...
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Enya - when I want to meditate!
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OOOh I love the song by Enya that was on the Sweet November soundtrack..its so beautiful.
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She is amazing to meditate to! So relaxing.
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Enya's "Memory of Trees" album was my birthing music.

And valanhb, I used to love Bauhaus but back when I listened to them there wasn't really a Goth thing going on yet, we were all punks.

So here's another old band for F - Foghat
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Happy Mondays (not one of my FAVE bands... but ok, and the only one I could think of that starts with H!!)
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Insane Clown Posse- I really hafta been in an odd mood to listen to them- they're hilarious is an Insane Clown kinda way :disturbed :clown:
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Jackson Five.
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Kylie Monogue (sp?)
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London After Midnight (Another of those Goth bands :vampireL
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Goth rules!!

Marilyn Manson - the guy may be a little 'out there' but hes actually very intelligent and I enjoy a lot of his stuff ...

Do I get double points for that one?? :tounge2:
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Nelly furtado - Canadians rule!
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O zzy O sbourne - a blast from my past, even though he is still making music! (Another double points answer, too! )
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Pink Floyd
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yet another blast from the past
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rolling stones
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Smashing Pumpkins
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Tanya Tucker or Travis Tritt

I am all over this doubles thing today!
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U2 ( I love their song, Mysterious Ways)
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OMG Debby - I was gonna say that!

W arrant
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Great minds think alike!!

Anybody got X?? That's a toughie.
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X YZ (Early '90s rock band. They were pretty good, one of my fav's at the time, so I guess that counts )
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Good one!!!

Now I'm stumped on Y. I have Z though!!
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Thought of one!!

There was a group in the 80's called Yes!

I also have Z...

ZZ top

Okay....now what should we do? I have to go offline so someone else can start a new one!
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Okay well, since noone has another idea, how about games???? Anybody game???? :laughing:

Alphabet game (of course)
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Baccaret (sp) - the casino game.
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Checkers (my kids always beat me )
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