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Ok, I'll do Y and Z ..get ready cuz Y is pretty lame :

Young Guns 2 :LOL: They DID make a sequel didn't they??

Zorro :dali:
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About Last Night - Old film and can't remember who was in it (Rob somebody I think)

I think it was Rob Lowe
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Well, this is actually Bod's idea but I'm going to start it anyways She must be off doing something 'constructive' :LOL:

To mix this up a bit, lets start naming Actors and Actresses alphabetically. Maybe we can do Actors first, then Actresses...I'll start with :

Anthony Hopkins

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Sorry about the little "blip" there where I wasn't around!! Someone actually needed to do some work!! On MY computer!?!?!?! The cheek of it!!


Brad Pitt
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Charles Bronson

He was always played a badass.
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David Spade
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Eddie Murphy

LOVE him!
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Freddy Prinze Jr. Love his cute little crooked smile :tounge2:
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George Clooney!
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Harrison Ford

I love you Hans Solo!
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Ooooooo YES!!! Mr Ford.... mmmm mmmmmm
(sorry can't think of an "I" anyone?!?!?)
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I can't think of any I ones either...I'll do J

Jim Carrey
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I'll do I

Ingrid Bergman
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Kate Winslet
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Ahem...Actors first, THEN actresses

Leonardo DiCaprio
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Matt Damon
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Nicholas Cage

Loved Captain Corelli's Mandolin
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Oliver Pratt

He is such a versatile (sp?) actor
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Paul Newman
Peter Lawford
Peter Fonda

Yeah, they're not exactly current, but I couldn't think of anyone more recent.
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Ok I think its pretty safe to say no-ones gonna think of a "Q" right?!?!?!? Sooooo I'll just jump straight on in with :

Richard Gere (At least its the right sex this time!!! hahaha.... mmmmm Richard Gere..... hahaha)
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I was going to say Quinton Terentino but I'm embarassed that I spelled it wrong. For some reason Quincy Jones keeps popping into my head??????
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Steven Segall
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Can't let the list go by without mentioning the 2 Toms:

Tom Cruise
Tom Hanks
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Yeah, Quincy Jones, didn't he promote a lot of Motown and R&B and that kind of music? I'm thinking he's kind of a leader in the black music community. But Air Princess is the expert on that . . .

Okay this guy is really old: Sal Mineo

Steve McQueen?
Sam Shepherd, he's pretty current.


Oops, I'm behind!

Well, how about Eugene Levy (Canadian actor)? Probably as close as we're going to get to an actual 'U' name . . . .
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Val Kilmer
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Wilhem Dafoe
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No one up to W ?? I'll take it..but that only leaves X for someone else...

Will Smith

Ok, whos going to be brave enough to tackle the next three?? My list doesn't include anyone for X, Y or Z
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:LOL: You and I posted at the same time Adrienne ...I'm STILL not taking X though
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Oops - posted W at the same time!

who wants to take X
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Too bad we can't list fictional characters because then we could use Xander from Buffy
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