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How about titles of books, or if struggling for a book title an author

Arrow of the Queen - Mercedes Lackey (fav author)
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The Bible
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Cast of Corbies
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Drama Queen
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Dreams Underfoot

by Charles DeLint, one of my favorite authors and a Canadian
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Elvenbane - don't remember the author - but great book! Sunlion - I agree that De Lint is a great author
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Finnegan's Wake
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Game of Thrones - George R Martin - great series!
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The Hobbit.
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Intensity by Dean Koontz

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Jackie Collins (since you said we could also use authors here ) I LOVE her books...especially the older ones!

Colby, speaking of Intensity, I am reading it now! I bought it a week ago, and am half way through it now...it is awesome!
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Kaleidescope- Danielle Steele ( I love her )
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Langoliers...Stephen King.
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Mists of Avalon (okay, I know it is THE Mists of Avalon)
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Nimisha's Ship - Anne McCaffery - my 2nd fav author!
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(The) Once and Future King

(T. H. White, I think. There are two, T.H. and E.B., one wrote O&FK, the other wrote Stuart Little, and I always get them mixed up)

Ady, I like Anne McCaffrey too, but I prefer the things she wrote herself over the things she collaborated on with other authors.
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Sunlion definately love her by herself. I actually sent an email to her fan club and got a personal response back. Best series is the Pern series.

Power Play - Anne McCaffery
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I'll take "Q"

Quazar - Jamil Nasir
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Regulators... Stephen King
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Star- Danielle Steele again....sorry, but I've read a lot of her books and I could probably come up with one for each letter!!!!!!!!
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Taltos.....Anne Rice
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I can't think of one for U. I keep thinking of things that start with up or under, etc...but nothing is coming to mind.

Guess I can't use Under the Bleachers, by Seymore Butts.... :LOL: :LOL:

Anybody have one for U?
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Under the Tuscan Sun, by Frances Mayes.
It really made me want to move to Italy.
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Village of the Damned....but I'm not sure who wrote it.
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Wizard and Glass....Stephen King
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X anybody!?!? I can't think of anything!
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Can't think of an "X" book but, have a "Y": The Yearling.
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Surely there's a book called Z or Zorro before or after the movies were made. Now, where is Bodlover when we need her?
Suggestion: Things having to do with outer space such as astronaut.
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i think i read a book just called Zelda, about F. Scott Fitzgerald's wife. very interesting and tragic story.
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Okay, now we need a new topic....how about drinks?

Alcoholic or non-alcoholic, either one I guess.

Apple juice
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