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Windstar ( Ford's minivan )
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Hmmm drawing a blank with "X" (except for some reason a Jag XK8 keeps coming to mind but I don't know whether Im just making that up!!! hahaha)

Yarris (toyota)
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Ok, what now??
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Wagoneer by Jeep
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What about plants or something???? ANyone?!?!?!?
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Plants works, for me: amaryllis
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Okay y'all I will not be participating in this one, I know virtually nothing about plants and I really don't like them. I have none in my home and probably never will.
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Hahahah Sfell!! You don't have to know anything about them!! I don't and I suggested it!! hahaha!! I think we sould be able to include stuff like "trunk" and "leaf" and "stem" etc etc..... to make it easier for us "non plant" type people!! ok?!?!?

Beech Tree
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Begonia (sp?)
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Cactus ...if that counts as a tree
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Yep!! As long as it has something to do with plants - its allowed!! hahaha

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Evergreen tree
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Okay, maybe I can do this!

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Now, you've got the hang of it. Hibiscus.:flower:
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Juniper tree
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Kiwi tree
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We have tons and tons of Lupins growing wild here each spring/summer. We used to strip the petals off as kids and have Lupin fights
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Narcissus (sp?)
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Quiver bush - an African shrub
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Iris- I love flower gardening. It's one of my favorite things!
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Whoops! Wrong page!
Tea Rose
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Umbrella plant - common name for one of those potted houseplants everyone had in the 70's
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