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okay, new topic. how about cats favorite things?

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Beauty Sleep
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chasing things, like toys and shoe laces, etc.
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fun times
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having the whole house to herself! We rescued our girl from a shelter. All the windows and chairs and beds, etc., are hers, not to mention she has two humans, no waiting.
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jumping up on her perch on the porch where she eagerly watches her morning kibble dish filled.
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kitchen - as there is always so much yummy food hanging around!!!
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lunging at her favorite toy and then hiding amid my stuffed tigers so she can attack from a position of stealth.
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mice - especially the gifts to mum at the front door ( ewwww says Mum!!!)
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new can of catfood. It just isn't the same as a tin that's already open.
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open cupboard doors to investigate
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pillows, soft to sleep on
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queen size bed so I can stretch out!!
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running in front of one's feet, especially when you are walking while carrying something.
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sleeping--preferably on a human's lap while they're trying to work, or taking up most of the bed so said human must hope not to fall off!
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the television, especially when the Cat Sitter tape is in or Animal Planet is on.
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Under!! My girl is convinced there is something under everything!
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whatever gets their human to pay attention to them, not the computer, newspaper, etc.
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Going limp so that veterinary technicians can readily make X-ray pictures: also NOT. *has experience in this realm*

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Zebra toy!! *loves to chew it and rip its tail off every time*
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New Topic; Kitty's favorite hiding place:

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under the Desk
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