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Okay, now what?
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What about words in a different language.

Azucar (Spanish for sugar)
Bien (Spanish for good)

What about historical events/places

Battle of San Jacinto

How about candy

Atomic Fire Balls
Baby Ruth
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I like the different language one! I'll start.

Adios - goodbye
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Blanco - white
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Ciao - goodbye - you think I have something for the word goodbye?
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Despacio-slowly (ESPANOL)
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Emploi - french for employment.
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Fiesta - Spanish for party
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Gatto - Italian for Cat
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Hola - Spanish for Hello
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izquierda-Sp. for left (as opposed to right)
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joven - Spanish for young
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I don't know any other language... So I guess I will have to wait till this one is over.

Unless you let me make up words???? :LOL:
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Debby, I'll give you one. (But don't tell anyone we cheated.) Try kinder-as in kindergarten. It means child in German. Of course, you knew that and just didn't think of it. We have adopted many foreign terms into the English language with no change. That is why English has become the international language. It used to be French. Of course, we coin many new words, and technology adds many more to the language.
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Lait- french for milk
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Debby like the word for hotel in Spanish is hotel. I am sure there are a lot of basic words that you know but you just can't think of them right now. I know you watch movies and tv and a lot of the simple basic words are used in them very often. Music is becoming like that too. Look at Ricky Martins song Living la vida loca

vida - life
loca or loco - crazy
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Manana - Spanish for morning
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Navida. There... I know that's a foreign word, I have heard it, but have no clue what it means!

Do we have to know what they mean? :laughing:
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I'm referring to that christmas song....faleece navida...lol
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Very good Debby Navidad means Christmas in Spanish!
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I feel like such an idiot here!
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Ojo, Spanish for eye, you can also use it to draw attention to something important.
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oeuf: C'est francais pour "egg"
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Pregunta--Spanish for question
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question - French for question (kess-chee-on)
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roja- red in spanish
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Sianara.....means good bye, but I don't know how to spell it.
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MARGARITA!!!!! Does that count???? If not, then bypass me!!

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Wrong page!!! DO'OH!!!!
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(psst, Debby, sayonara)
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