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Querulous (especially the Siamese furkids!)
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I think the letters got mixed up. Next one T?

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VOCAL......Especially my Maine Coon, Baubles who is a major "talker"!
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Xcellent! -
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Zealous! (About attacking toys or sleeping . . . )
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OK, what should the next topic be?

What about what name you'd give your first (or next, if you're already a parent) child? This is limited, since you have to go by letters, but it might be interesting to see what everyone picks? I was thinking everyone could pick one boy name and one girl name. If this is dumb, we can pick a different topic.

If it was a boy: "Alexander" (after Alex)
If it was a girl: "Aurora" (I love that name, wish it was mine)
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Boy: Brittan
Girl: Bailey
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Haven't been blessed with being able to have kids, so I play this one all the time...lol

Boy: Caden
Girl: Courtney
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Boy: Donovan
Girl: Danielle
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Girl: Eilan (celtic form of Ellen)
Boy: Ewan
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Girl: Felicity
Boy: Franklin
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Girl: Francesca
Boy: Forrest
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got another double post...


Boy: Gabriel
Girl: Gabriella
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weird about the double posts too..i refresh the screen and it shows current before I post...i dunno...

Boy: Haden
Girl: Hailey
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Girl: Heidi
Boy: Harrison
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oops there is another one....

Boy: Issac
Girl: Isabelle
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Boy: Jacob
Girl: Jenah
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Boy: Liam
Girl: Lilly
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Girl: Martha
Boy: Mingus
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Boy: Nelson
Girl: Nikki
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Boy: Peter
Girl: Prisilla
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Boy: Quincy
Girl: Querida (kai-EE-da) means dear one in Spanish
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Girl: Priscilla
Boy: Pacey
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Um...."P" "Q" "P" (I skipped the second "P")
Girl: Rosie
Boy: Roddie
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Boy: Samuel
Girl: Sandy
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Originally posted by TNCatFancier
Um...."P" "Q" "P" (I skipped the second "P")
Girl: Rosie
Boy: Roddie


Boy: Tanner
Girl: Taylor
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