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Resting on top of the washing machine
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snoozing on top of her fabric carrier.
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Taking a nap inside my guitar case
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Under the bathroom sink, sleeping on the towels
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ooops!!! Skipped a letter!!!! hmmmm okay,

Viewing the birds on the windowsill (lots and lots of birds)

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Within a box in the attic
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Xploring a rolled up rug in the closet......She got stuck
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Yowling cause she couldn't figure out how to get down from the top of the shower doors...
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Zzzzzzing on top of the television
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Goodness, for want of a topic, this thread went DOA!

How about: Things that cats do:

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balancing on whatever is high and narrow
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coughing up hairballs!
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disappear into the darndest hiding places. Behind the TV cart, into a closet in a room we don't use, etc.
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eating the puked up hairball!!!
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finally being able to explore The Cellar. (So that's what's behind that door??)
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Getting into the darnest places! (Help! I'm on top of the shower doors and can't get down!)
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hiding under the dining room table. Only trouble is, the butt and tail is hanging out but we pretend not to see these body parts.
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Impressive Yawns
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jump so accurately
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Kiss you with that rough tongue..on the eyelid! Argh!
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laying around, in your way of course
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Making bread on your bladder first thing in the morning
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Nestling with me in bed
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Opening kitchen cabinets, even though they're supposed to be kitty-proofed!
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pooping in the litter box and stinking up the basement!
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Quietly curled up in a little ball
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Rustling paper at 4am to wake me up
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sitting in front of whatever they want opened--the door, the window, where you keep their food
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Thinking. . . . as they daydream about their next meal.
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Under my armoire, asleep.
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