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Okay, personality.

Boisterous! She's a mouthy little thing who expresses her opinions in no uncertain terms. But I love her anyway.
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Sasha could be a Bouncer, he's a big guy
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CONTORTIONIST...any of the cats would qualify!!!
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Nah. We'll come back to my idea of occupations. Let's go with purrsonality traits.
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ah, ok, if you insist.

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Dignified (Coal is very dignified.)
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Ecstatic, when there is catnip involved!
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My feline companion Camille, who has been gone frorm among us for nearly ten years now, was called "the justice cat" because she would rush into the midst of any cat dispute and break it up — sending the warring parties to their corners for sober reflection.

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You got here just before me, 55Dali, so please excuse my duplicate post.

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L azy
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mouthy when it comes to feeding time

and a mouser! Nothing like fresh meat I guess.
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Nosy--checking out everything new or different.
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Boy, if it's not her idea....
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R ambunctious
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T enative...
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Unafraid! (well, except for thunder...and the vaccuum...and the sump pump...)
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Vigilant. I never come from work, at the same time, two days in a row. Rowdy is always sitting in the front window, waiting when I turn into the driveway. HOW does she know, what time I'm coming home?
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Yearns to be held when she wants to be held.
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Zoom zoom zoom when the crazy cat races through the house.

Okay, back to occupations. If the cat had a job, what would it be?

Aroebics instructor. Feather teasers make her dance!!
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