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Forest Green
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G ranite
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Hot pink
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I ndigo (as in the tatoo ink)
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Jenkin's Green

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Lime green
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navy blue
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Quinacridone Magenta

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Red! (It's a "real" color.)

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ultra violet (I know its originally a type of radiation rays, but we also call the color in that name! )
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luXe life

eye shadow from Avon, i just looked through some of my makeup to find an X. pretty sad, i know.
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Yellow (boring but all that I could think of)
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Zinc White

Does anybody else what to start out the next alphabet or do I have to come up with another list?
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how about obscure movie titles?

Acid House

the review

Acid House a bad trip
By BRUCE KIRKLAND -- Toronto Sun
It is rare that a collection of short stories can be jammed together into a single feature film that then works consistently from beginning to end.

The Acid House, based on three shorts written by Irvine Welsh (of Trainspotting fame), just proves the point. It's a mess that veers from inspired to disastrous moments. Sadly, it works mostly on the negative end of the scale.

Directed by Paul McGuigan and adapted to the screen by Welsh himself, The Acid House is set in some of the grottiest, dirtiest, most disgusting ghettos imaginable. Welcome to the underbelly of Glasgow.

None of the three stories is related. Each concerns working-class people, except for a middle-class couple who appear in the third and final story in the film.

Every actor, except the two playing the upscale couple, use guttural English that is so local, so slang-ridden that a lot of the film includes English subtitles. One of the jokes about watching the film is how the subtitles 'translate' English into English, often leaving out the torrent of profanities that pour like battery acid out of every man, woman and child in the movie. This is the summer of South Park at the movies.

The first story features a git named Boab (Stephen McCole) who loses his home, his job, his girlfriend, his place on the soccer team and his mind all in one day. When he meets a profanity-spewing God in a bar, Boab is turned into a house fly and seeks his revenge.

The second story concerns a pathetic man (Kevin McKidd) who marries a pregnant whore and watches helplessly later as she leaves him with the wee bairn and plays sex games with their upstairs neighbour, a drug-taking monster.

The third story is focused on a potty-mouthed punk (Ewen Bremner) who drops acid and is hit by lightning. It so happens that he is struck by the same bolt that zaps an ambulance nearby, just when that middle-class wife gives birth.

The punk and the baby exchange brains, leaving the punk's girlfriend to raise him as a 'clean' slate free of his usual habits and the baby's parents to recoil in horror as their baby starts talking -- profanely -- about sex and food. The movie's best moments occur in this sequence. It's not enough, but it's something.

The Acid House is weird, surreal and often stupid. There may be a socially redeeming value to all of this, but it escapes me. Totally.
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Breaker Morant.

This little known, at the time, Australian film was rushed into theatres in New York City when Heavens Gate stank up the place. It only ran for over a year.
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Close My Eyes

Wonderful, wonderful Alan Rickman film where the wife has an affair with her brother.
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Did You Hear the One About the Traveling Saleslady?

This movie was made, in about 1967 and starred Phyllis Diller and Bob Denver.
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Enlightnment Guarenteed
Watching the German comedy/road movie Enlightenment Guaranteed is like watching somebody else's boring vacation videos.

The film tells how a couple of stumblebum middle-aged brothers -- Uwe and Gustav -- travel from Germany to Japan in order to meditate at a Buddhist monastery. Unfortunately, they promptly get lost and spend most of the movie on the streets of Japan, surrounded by a bewildering foreign culture of gaudy billboards, bizarre ATMs and strange fashions.

Enlightenment Guaranteed stars Uwe Ochsenknecht as depressing appliance salesman Uwe, whose wife has left him, and Gustav-Peter Wohler as the soft-spoken Gustav, who indulges in New Age practices like feng shui and, of course, meditation in a Buddhist monastery. They make a mildly amusing pair when they get lost and roam Tokyo in search of their hotel -- Uwe shoplifts a tent from under the noses of the courteous Japanese staff at a department store, while the panhandling Gustav belts out a German version of I Will Survive.

The film moves slowly along throughout the brothers' urban misadventures, but comes to a real thud when the pair finally find their way to the monastery. Here, they completely immerse themselves in the life of Buddhist monks as they try to achieve a sense of Zen serenity -- meaning scene after scene of Uwe and Gustav cleaning floors, eating soup, waking up early in the morning, having their backs whacked with a stick while they meditate, and so on. Will they be able to find meaning in their lives? Will you care?

It's also at this point that famed German director Doris Dorrie lurches into some very lazy filmmaking. Much of the grainy-looking Enlightenment Guaranteed is shot with a shaky hand-held camera, lending it even more of a sense of a home movie. But during the interminable final segment set at the monastery, Dorrie goes to the "video diary" well once too often, as Uwe and Gustav repeatedly confess their deepest thoughts into Uwe's video camera.

Enlightenment Guaranteed has a couple of small laughs and insights, but they're peppered far too sparsely throughout the film. Do yourself a favour and watch your own vacation videos -- you'll probably enjoy yourself a lot more.
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From Hell It Came.

My favorite review -- to Hell with it
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Girl Gang (1954) Directed by Robert C. Dertano. Cast: Joanne Arnold, Timothy Farrell, Harry Keaton, et alii. A lost female-juvenile-delinquent film has been unearthed and it's something to behold. The hellcats in the title get off on marijuana and heroin, steal cars, assault boys and delve into other areas of sordidness. "Delinquent devil-dolls who'll do anything for dope! When not engaged in marijuana make-out parties, these joy-popping Jezebels commit robberies to feed their heroin habit until a botched holdup leaves rich-kid Wanda with a slug in her side."


P.S.: This is not a so-called "adult" film. It was in general release throughout the U.S.A. Given the era in which it was produced — the culturally-conservative early 1950s — it's quite remarkable in its frankness about the illegal-drug culture.
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1990 - Canada - 90 min. - Feature, Color
Director Darrell Wasyk
Produced by Arto-Pelli Motion Pictures

This drama about an attempt to withdraw from heroin addiction closely follows the attempts of a man and a woman who live together to kick it cold-turkey. The film is graphically shot and realistically told, and there is absolutely no glamorization of lifestyle here. In fact, after getting briefly free of the addition, the lead character finds a forgotten stash of the drug, shoots up, nods off in the bathtub and drowns, providing what one hopes is a cautionary example for the woman of the story. — Clarke Fountain

Martin Neufeld - Snake
Pascale Montpetit - Michelle

Darrell Wasyk - Director / Producer / Screenwriter
Stavros C. Stavrides - Producer
Gerald Packer - Cinematographer
Maya Ishiura - Set Designer
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I Was a Fugitive From a Chain Gang.

An old "B" movie, from the '30s.
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