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Wynonna(that really isn't my favorite but I don't know anything else that starts with a W
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Hmmm . . . what haven't we done yet? Have we done summer things and/or activities?
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Who remembers???

Acrobats....a summer funtime
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Crisp air.....no thats spring.

Cool conditioning-air
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Drying clothes out on the line instead of the dryer
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Eating candy cigarettes and thinking how cool you were.
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Fairs and festivals!
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Gathering wild blackberries and hoping your mom would bake a pie!
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Hanging bedding on the clothesline to dry in the summer breeze.
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Ice Cream cones dipped in chocolate
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journeys to the nearest beach!
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Could we put the topic in each post so we don't have to go back to find out what it is? just a thought...

Summer things and/or activities:

Kite flying down at the beach
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Making Snowcones!!
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Napping.......outside on the hammic....or the thing that swings between 2 trees, I'm a very BAD speller
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Online more since school is out...
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Play at POOL

Procrastinate chores due to nice weather
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Summer things and/or activities:

Quench thirst with lots of water, beer, lemonaide, etc.

Quibble about which summer plans/activities to pursue.

Quiet time to read a book by the lake.
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I just loved A.I

I mean...Jude Law is definately the Man!
Out of todays actors his done a major break through!

I give it a
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Reading at the beach or by the pool
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Summer things and/or activities:

It's got to be Swimming!
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Summer things:

Acquiring a Tan is quite customary, although I've not managed to do so in a few decades.

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Unwinding with a big, cold drink and a nap in the sun.
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V acations!
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Summer things:

Waking up whenever you want to!
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