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On top of anything warm!
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Perched on a blanket in the front picture window so she can soak up the sun
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rug in the living room
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Satin sheets,
Kornflake must ahve been a gigalo in a former life because whenever I put those on the bed he scrathes away the blankies to roll'romp' and menus the satin, you should see all the holes, but I paid too much to throw them out!
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The television is where Peppurr loves to lay!
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Toes......Wieland right now is curled up on them, keeping me warm
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underwear drawer
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Velvet clothing
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Wherever they please!
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eXactly in my walking space
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Yard.....if they're outside kittys
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On my fuZZy robe
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Things that remind us of our Mom!

Apple Stickey Bunns!!
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Beat my Butt!
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Caress soap..she used this all of my life that I have known her...
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Dogs, Dogs and more Dogs!
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Endless talking!
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Fresh fruits and veggies she always bought at the produce stands.....
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"Get out of the Refrigerator!" she said that to all of us kids alot
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A big "Hello!" from her, when she'd get home from working all day at the office.

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"I love you", everyday as I leave the house.
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Just wait till your dad comes home! is what I heard alot when I got in trouble..
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Kisses at bed time
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Lots of reassurance that she loved me when times got tough...
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Make your bed!
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NO tv after 10:00
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Pick up your clothes and Put them away!
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Quit picking on your brother!
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Rusty(my long lost chocolate lab who was put to sleep April of 2002) sorry, I couldn't think of anything else..I just get to thinking about him and I miss him so much....
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