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licking licking licking licking licking licking
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I Hate it when people do that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Noses being stuck in where they don't belong.
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Overeat and then walk around saying, "Oooooh, my tummy hurts!"

Note: I have absolutely no experience of this particular bad habit.
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Picking my nails all the time
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quest for the great outdoors when the great outdoors is out of bounds.
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Resting peacefully on the couch!
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Shredding furniture
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trying to climb the Christmas tree and not understanding that the ornaments are not to be used for kitty tennis
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U nwrapping presents U nder the tree!
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Vanishing into a new hiding place and not answering in any way, shape or form when called making me think who knows what kind of tragedy has befallen her. It's not nice to make mommy panic.
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Wrestling in a pile of catnip!

Waiting for me to close my eyes so they can wollop me!

Wishing they could have some salmon!

Wrecking my new curtains!

Wanting so much attention!

Wherever I am your sure to find atleast 5 cats pulling at my pant leg!
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Xcitedly running around the house at 2am!
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Yowling for food at 5 AM
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Zealously pursuing that dreaded finger monster under the covers.

How about things cats like to sleep on.

A - Afghans
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clean towels, still warm from the dryer
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Dog, or at least next to the dog,like 1/2 on 1/2 off
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Or doormat
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end of the bed
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the floor at the top or bottom of the stairs, anywhere they can be in the way
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grate from the heating system. this is a favored spot, especially in the wonter. (I was tempted to say: gut--my husband's)
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High up on the cabinets!
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Inbetween my legs at night, so as I can't move. How do they turn from cute little fluffballs to huge, heavy, stones overnight then back in the morning? A question for the ages.......
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inside the knee "hole" of my sewing machine cabinet.
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J ackets left draped over a chair or piled on the bed
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Kitchen Table...
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Lap, usually mine when I am on the computer.
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My kids bedroom
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Next to Bill's head, on the pillow.
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