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kitty kisses
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Lap to sit on and get petted
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M aking my life special
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Nuetered for a healthier life
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Only cat in the house. She seems to like it that way.
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Quilts I leave out for them are very warm and they smell so clean!
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Returned love, like They me and I them.ALL
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Soo many treats.... I love it when mommy shakes the can of yummy treats!
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Tummy rubbs!!!!!!!!!
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Up and around I drag their toys!
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Very very long back rubs!
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(because Mommy) works the can opener
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x-cellent fur pats
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yarn is so much fun to play with
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Zandy Cuddles

OK New Topic?
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How about Bad Habits?

Attacking your zits! Eeeewwwwww!
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bathing nasty bits in front of guests
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Bums ( Cat Bums ) Getting put in your face while you are trying to eat

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clawing anthing and everything but their scratching post
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Chewing with your mouth open!
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demanding attention at 2 in the morning when you're trying to sleep because you get up at 4:30
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Elbows on the table. (human habit)
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Fangs ( Cats ) slipping into you when you are trying to get some well deserved rest!
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fragrant solid deposits into the litter pan that are, gratefully, covered up extremely well. The covering isn't the bad part. The smell is the bad part.
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Gnawing on your human's ear!
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hating a new catfood the second time around considering that the first time it was served, the cat ate everything but the design off the dish!
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Imagining when you are in a car that you are nearly home and then you find you are Ages away , Gaaaaawd that's a bad habit of mine
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Killing Birdies, Mice, and Lizards...then sneaking them in through the pet door. Worse is when the kills are still alive and brought in.
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