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Springfield Missouri
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Tyne-n-Ware England UK
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We should change the name of this thread to The Alphabetical game or something, because it is a bit confusing with the movie titles still in the name, since we have decided to do other topics besides movie titles now. Maybe Blue won't mind if I change it...should I??

i was thinking the same thing, Debby, so, no, of course i dont mind !

i was thinking, "the alphabet game"
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Okay, I changed it!! I wish we could get this city thing done, so we could move on...I am terrible at cities!! :LOL:

I am stumped on U.
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University City, Missouri!!
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Oh good one!!! Thanks!!!

V, anyone? Hey I do have W, but I can't skip ahead.
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Got it! Vail, Colorado!

Go for W, Debby!
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Walla Walla, Washington
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I am sure some city in China starts with an X, but since I don't have an atlas with me I'll go to Y

Yorkton Saskatchwan Canada
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Zurich, Ontario, Canada
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can we do films again ?!


(i havent seen it yet, but i really cant wait, though i dont know if it will ever come to theatres here)

anyone else seen it?
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with cate blanchett, bruce willis & billy bob thorton

(i loved it)

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I don't if we've already had this buuuutttt:

Dances with Wolves
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Excorcist....that movie scared the crap outta me
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Futresport (what a complete load of tosh.... but the only one I could think of that we haven't already had!!! hahahaha )
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Gone in 60 seconds...Love Nicholas Cage!!
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Hell Raiser (never seen it though...)
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Invasion of the Bodysnatchers!! (it doesn't have to be a NEW movie does it?? :laughing: )
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(I sure hope not!! hahaha Both of the last ones I did are OLD!)

Jackel, The (hhahaha can I do that?!?!? hahah Oh well... )
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Kiss the Girls
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Land Before Time (you know... that cute cartoon movie with all the dinosaurs!! awww!!! hahaha - Hey Mel - you been writing those list again lady?!??!?!?! )
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Rhea I was just going to ask you the same thing!!! :laughing2

Mexican, The

(if you can do it, so can I )
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:laughing2 Wll fairs fair I guess!! (sheesh though I just worked out I'm gonna be stuck witht the crappy ones again!! UGH!! hahaha)

Nightmare on Elm Street (1 through 112!!!! hahahaha)
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Old Yeller..that movie makes me cry everytime...
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Pacific Heights
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Remember the Titans....mmmm Denzel....
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Star Wars - the original is a classic!
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