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AFLAC - that duck annoys me.
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Budwiser frogs....remember them
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Cheetoes with the chester chetah....
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Dell's interns. The "dude, you're getting a Dell' kid was bad enough. But I'd welcome him back in a New York second.
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Does "Bob" use Joker Brand products from the first Batman movie? Now Barbasol is using the same stupid music.
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Ford commercials especially the one where they're talking about the rugged west and the truck you need. That is Ford, isn't it? Anyway, it's annoying.
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Energizer Bunny....it keeps going and going and going...SHUT UP ALREADY!
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if someone has a better idea for a topic, please speak up. This one isn't proving as much fun as I thought it would be.
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GEICO : the one with the gecko and the girl has nothing to do with insurance.
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heinz Ketchup
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IBM- or any technology commercial for that matter.
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Jeans commercials where they do nothing but stick their butt in your face. At least when my cat does it, I know what she means.
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K,Mart commercials?
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lottery commercials
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Midas muffler commercials when they consisted of 'hey, your muffler, midasize it'
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a personal favorite of mine, Nationwide Warehouse. Remember these? All they did for 99% of the commercial was scream 'NATIONWIDE WAREHOUSE'
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Old Navy commercials, spoofing "Green Acres". I never liked Morgan Fairchild, anyway.
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painkiller commercials that make arthritis sound like it's just a minor inconvenience.
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Quinznos..........I've seen them but never eaten at one. there's none around to try that oven baked goodness.
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ridiculous commercials with small children pretending to be adults. I am not amused.
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Sonic commercials. Their stuff looks great and there isn't one for, like, eight states!
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Terminix. Enough with the bugs already.
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Originally posted by 55Dali
Quinznos..........I've seen them but never eaten at one. there's none around to try that oven baked goodness.
You're not missing anything. I HAVE eaten at Quizno's - ONCE. 'Nuff said.
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underwear commercials. who's that thin?

vacation ads for places I know I'll never get to visit

waterpark commercials.


I started this, I'm ending it.
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I love my cat because (s)he is: (cat attributes)

an agile athlete when chasing that feather toy
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Bouncey pouncey Boyish lovers
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Couch potatoes
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Delightfully Daring and Devilish Darlings
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elegant, everything graceful on four paws
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Fierce in battle, if necessary!

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