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Uncooked broccoli...ok so I had a hard time thinking of a U word!!
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You know, those canned mixed vegetables, like they used to serve in the school cafeteria
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Watercress..love those in chow mein
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Xtra mayo.....on anything!
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Yellow summer squash
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Okay - how about cities & towns again?

Albertville, France
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Barcelona, Spain
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It's in Poland!


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Duncannon, Pennsylvania

Iguess it's technically not a city, too small. Most people know of it as the town about 80 miles from Penn State, since it's off the highway that takes you there.

If you had a Lightning Guider sled when you were younger, one of the wooden ones, they were made in Duncannon.
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I'm not at all good with cities, but let me cheat on E, since I can't think of a stinkin' thing...

East Des Moines, Iowa .....:LOL: I told you I was cheating on this one!!!
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Fargo, ND
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Gananoque Ontario - home of the 1000 Island boat tour.
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Honolulu, Hawaii
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Indianapolis, IN
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Colby- how'd I know you'd pick that one

Jacksonville, Florida
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Kansas City, MO

Just luck I guess Mel :laughing:
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Las Vegas, Nevada
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Montreal, Canada
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Nottingham, England UK
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Ottawa Ontario Canada
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Peterborough, England UK (sorry I have no geographical knowledge WHATSOEVER of anywhere but the UK!!! hahahahaa DUH!! )
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New Orleans, LA
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Quebec, Canada....how the heck do you spell Quebec? And it IS in Canada isn't it??? Man I'm bad at this....

Maybe we qan change the catagory after this round. :LOL:
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"O" is for "Ocean's Eleven". (The original, with the "Rat Pack", of course!) I know, I know, I'm showing my age!
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hee-hee Colby, good mornin' to ya! Pssst...I think we did L already..
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Patriot, The Very good movie!
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We should change the name of this thread to The Alphabetical game or something, because it is a bit confusing with the movie titles still in the name, since we have decided to do other topics besides movie titles now. Maybe Blue won't mind if I change it...should I??

Anyway, we are doing cities now.

Anybody got R?
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Well... its not quite a city - more like a little village!! hahaha but I can't think of any "R" s so....

Redruth - Cornwall England
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