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View to a Kill
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What's Eating Gilbert Grape?
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X Men
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Young Frankenstein
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Ziegfield Follies
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Someone else pick a topic, pleeeze
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One of mine is apathy
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bad grammar
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getting Cut off in traffic
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Driving in the rain
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(People who) Eat with their mouths open
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Farting ( Ewwwwwwww when strangers just do it randomly) EW

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gum crackers (snapping or popping)
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HURRICANES , My Rugby team when they loose
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idiots who think they know everything when, in fact, they know squat
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People that always 'jump'a round Sam
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Kids running wild, through stores, restaurants, etc.
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loudmouths, especially those who don't like the way things are and think if they grouse enough about it, the sun will rise in the west and set in the east.
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Music playing to loud in the cars...when you can hear it pounding 3 blocks away when you are trying to sleep at night.
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Noisy neighbors. (Fortunately, I don't have any now)
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Owing money. I pay everyone and everything off early-despite the fact that money is worth less as the years go by on mortgages and other loans. I hate to owe anyone for anything!
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Pilots that talk REALLY loud on the airplane speaker and kill your ears (that are already hurting from pressure changes).
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Q is a hard one...
Quilts that ride up during the night so your toes get cold.
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Squeky Breaks, on a car that is following and your driving a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnng way Sam
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Sam, you missed R!

Runny noses on other people's kids, that you can't grab a tissue and wipe clean!
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LOL.. Sorry
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Rainy Saturdays!
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Stupid commercials, that insult my intelligence.
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T[b]rips that are long and borinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng
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ulgy drivers on road! like rude drivers.
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