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oops we posted at the same time!!

I second the nomination for a more uplifting course for the thread
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Strept Throat
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I changed my last post to Strept Throat, wasn't sure Staph Pneumonia was real (I think so but I'm not sure).

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Varicose Veins
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Oh sure....leave me X.

Well, since I don't have a medical dictionary handy at the moment, I will cheat and say....

X-ray....(hey it's a medical term, close enough...) :laughing:

Okay....on a lighter note... how about food!!!! (come on guys, you know we love food here... :LOL: )

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Debby..is that your baby talking?? Once I got over the morning sickness with my two, my hunger was insatiable!

Banana bread
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Well my hunger is one of the things that is insatiable right now!! :LOL:

Carrot cake
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Egg Salad
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Fig Newtons!

Can I have another one, cause of course I thought of -- I loved this book when I was little--

Green eggs and ham
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Ham Hocks!!!! :LOL:
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Ice Cream (what else?)
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Jelly beans!!!
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ooops, posted at the same time! We were kinda on the same wavelength with the jelly thing...:LOL:
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Krispie Squares
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Debby- My hubby used to make 'Shake 'n Bake Liver' for me when I was pregnant because he heard that it was a good source of iron for me and the baby. I forced it down, but truly there is NO way to maker liver taste good

Melon - I love any kind..watermelon, cantalopue, honeydew you name it
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Jackson Hole, WY
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Shake & bake liver....ack!!

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Oranges..especially the little seedless Clementines
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Oh I love those little oranges!!!

Are we the only ones playing?

Potatos!!! Most any kind!
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Oh hi, Jin! Sorry...didn't see your post.
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Quakes...those little mini rice cakes that quaker makes
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It's okay, Debby! Ignore me any time!
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Good one AP!!!

Jin, I could never ignore you!

Roast beef
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Colby!! Get back on IM...I've been lost without you

Spaghetti (btw...never eat spaghetti on a date, its impossible to be graceful..learned that the hard way..:laughing:
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