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Papercut- Linkin Park
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Rivers of Babylon - Boney M
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Saturday in the Park ~ Chicago.
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That's Amore
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Under Pressure - Queen
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Valerie - the Monkees
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Whiter Shade of Pale

Let's do something new next time - citys or rivers or games - you pick!
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XTC, umm, dang, can't actually think of a title!

I agree with Ady! I seldom know both the name of the artist and the name of the song, I'm ready for something else too!
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Yoda - by Wierd Al Yancovich - done to the tune of Lola
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Indianapolis, IN
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Zippety dooda - from Mary Poppins

I am starting the next round. Medical conditions.

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
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fetal alcohol syndrome.... Okay this is depressing.....
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Sorry - jakenjinx - I didn't mean to depressed you - this just seemed to be an interesting change.
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Okay, since I have been gone for two weeks and found this thread today and everyone has responded to all the questions, I am now going to answer to most of them.
Movies: A- An American Tail, Anastasia, Anne, Anne of Green Gables, Alice in Wonderland, An American in Paris, American Me, A League of Their Own, Air Bud, Adventures in Babysitting,Aladdin.

B- Bambi, Boys in the Hood, Black Stallion, Black Beauty, Bear,Babes in Toyland, Babe(The pig), BodyGuard, Baby's Day Out, Boy Who Could Fly, Beauty and the Beast, Blob(never watched it), Blue Lagoon, Broken Arrow

C- Cinderella, Casper, Coming to America, Conrad the Barbarian, Charlotte's Web, Cliffhanger, Cocktail

D- Dances with Wolves, Dirty Dancing, Day No Pigs would Die, DragonHeart, Driving Miss Daisy, Days of Thunder, Drop Dead Fred

E- E.T. The Extraterrestial, Ewoks Adventure, Edward Scissorshand
F- Friday the Thirteen, Ferris Buler's Day off, Fugitive, Free Willy, Father of the Bride, Flashdance
G- Ghostbusters, Goonies,Good Son, Godzilla, Grease
H- Halloween, Highway Men, Homeword Bound, the incredible journey, Home Alone, Hot Shots, Hot to Trot, Hook
I- Ice Age
J- Jurassic Park, Jewel of the Nile, Jacob's Ladder, Jumangi, Junior
K- Karate Kid. Kindergarten Cop, King Kong
L- Lassie, Lady and the Tramp, Look Who's Talking, Little Mermaid,
Legend, Legend of the Falls, Last Unicorn, La Bamba
M- Manniquin, My Family, My Life, Message in a Bottle, Mans Best Friend
N- Neverending Story, Nowhere to Run
O- Oliver
P- Pinocchio, Peter Pan, Pet Detective, Prelude to a Kiss, Problem Child, Patriot Games, Project X
Q- Quiet on the Western Front
R- Robin Hood, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Rocky, Raven, Rambo
S- Stand and Deliver, Selena, Star Wars, Sword in the Stone, Splash, Sound of Music, Sister Act, The Seventh Sign, Schindler's List
T- Titanic, Toy Story, Terry Fox Story

Tomorrow, I will do the actors, actresses, singers, and songs.
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Kidney Failure
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Necrotizing Fasciitis - aka flesh eating disease
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Palsy (paralysis or loss of muscle control)
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Quinsy (streptococcal tonsillitis)
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can we choose something more uplifting for the next round?
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