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Fireflies dancing through the night air of the backyard
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Hot summer nights!
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Ice cold beer on a hot summer day!
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June bugs
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A break from the kids
I'm a teacher, so I get a summer vacation!
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Moonlit walks on the beach
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New summer wardrobe.
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Open windows!!
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Pool time.
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Quiet summer evenings with someone you love.
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Rain, bringing the flowers to life, and lulling me to sleep at night.
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Sitting in the sun, reading a book, knitting etc... or just
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Taking vacation days because it's too nice to go into work....
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Unwinding in the countryside, where there is tranquility, beautyful scenery and time stands still.
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Whispers of the wind going through the trees
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Vanilla ice cream -- and introducing my new cat to it.
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doing eXactly what i want
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Yards filled with blooming flowers.
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Zebras gallooping in my backyard!

(Well this is a hard letter...)

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LOL ! I can just picture those Zebras loose in Iceland. They're probably black and blue with cold!

We haven't done this in a long time. How about foreign terms we use all the time?

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By the way,
and the most common:


We use that in Iceland all the time, it has become an adopted word, but still foregn.
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dues duo dingleberry? Dumb? Denario..denaro...Mexican money.denaro?
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...but I guess you wouln´t call that a "foregn" term!
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Not to burst your bubble Hon...but it's Anyway..with an A
But...that's ok...At least you tried!
Is it just me or is this one hard?
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very hard
Escargo snail food?
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LOL. Well, I guess I should go to bed now, my brain has obviously stopped working! I even wrote it down to see if I should use y or i, and on the paper it says Anyway!!! lol
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Filet mignon.
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