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Yardley's of London
They make a wonderful Lavender Soap
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What is next? Somebody pick as my brains aren't working!
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How about the best place to send your cat(s) on vacation.

Aruba! With all their beaches, it would look like the biggest catbox in the world
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Cuba (more sandy beaches)
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Nice choice for "C" but I'd have suggested Catalina.

D?? Hm......Denmark.
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Florence, Italy!
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Cats usually are anyway. Plus, they can torment all the Kuvaszok (it's a breed of big white dog)
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Ireland (lots of green grass)
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jan's house -- bring your people, too!

kidding... jamaica -- more sand.
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Kitty Hawk, NC
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Louisiana with all that tabbyasco sauce
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We have lots of green grass, trees and ice cream places.
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No where......

Cat's don't like to travel!
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The Outlets here in Lancaster--at least the New York/New Jersey crowd thinks so.
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Queensland, since its named for girl kitties.
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A Ranch (they can chase mice in the barn)
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to a SUNNY place, where there is also enough shade to take naps in!
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"down by the river where the Tall Grass grows...", good for hiding, hunting, resting, and chewing!
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Utopia: a place where food and drink are readily available, there are lots of comfy places to sleep and recreation is a way of life. Oh, gee.......that's MY house! (For the cats, that is).
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vet free zone
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Venice - with all that water there are bound to be mice and rats to chase!
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Wherever my cat wants to go!
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Xanadu, in Kublai Khan's "stately pleasure palace".
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my Yard.
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the Zoo!! my cats are crazy!
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For a change of pace, how about things that are soothing?

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