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Investments...I'm just starting to collect them!

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Jigsaw puzzles
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Kitty Knicknacks
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This is really weird but I collect Lamps! I buy lamp shades even though I don't have a lamp to put it on!I have 13 lamps so far. Some of them are really old!
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Miniature houses and furnishings
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Nothing, except maybe books
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Old clothes. They just don't seem to go away!


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(My mother collects them!)
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Purses. I just can't make myself throw them away! (Unless they are really trashed)
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Rhinestone jewelry
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Silver rings (jewellery)
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Tiny pewter figures to paint!
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(my neighbor, not me!)
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Victorian clothes, hats, jewelry and bags.
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eXtra Junk!!!

YEAH YEAH.... I cheated!
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Yellow Submarines (Nick collects these, he a huge Beatles fan)
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Zany stuff....

okay it's not specific, but it's something!
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It's been a long time since we did this one:

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All time favorite

Beauty and the Beast
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Cape Fear - both versions scare the bejasus out of me.
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Das Kabinett des Doktor Caligari (The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari) was produced in 1920 and directed by Robert Wiene. The set decoration is amazing, even to this day; and the story is chilling. Doctor Caligari travels from town to town, putting on a show in which his associate — a somnambulist — makes predictions and answers questions whilst asleep. But that's not all!

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The Empire Strikes Back
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Forrest Gump
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Harry Potter
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Ice Age
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I Was a Teenage Werewolf. (Love those awful "B" movies).
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Jungle Book - Another Disney favorite
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Mystery Men!!!! It's about these off the wall super heros! It's so funny! It has Janine Gerafalo (sp) and Paul Rubens in it.
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