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I grow lazy!


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Hibernate, under my comforter.
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Indulge myself by reading in bed till noon and staying in my bathrobe the rest of the day
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Just relax and hear/see Mother Nature at work! It's quite refreshing, actually.


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Kiss my furbabies
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Lounge aka being Lazy!
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Make something with my hands like a painting or a craft project!
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Organize closets and things I haven't bothered to clean up in months! :LOL:
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Post, post, post! This is one of those days in PA.
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I crawl under my Quilt, snuggle up, and watch movies!
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S nuggle with my kitties (and doggy) and watch a good movie! (preferrably with Canadian heartthrob actor Paul Gross... Think Due South!! ) Hey! A girl can dream, no?!? :laughing2
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Think about a nice trip to Christmas Island, or Easter Island, or New Zealand, or Australia, or Bethlehem in Pennsylvania.

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Use some of the craft supplies I bought last year!
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Vegetate. I hate cold, nasty weather.
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Wish that I was on a trip to Australia, Easter Island, or New Zealand!-yes, even with that awful looking submarine crew, Mr. Cat!
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eXercise (yeah right!)
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Yearn for more days like this! (I love rainy days!)
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Any Disney DVD
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The most popular Z answer.....

ZZZZZZZ! Sleep the day away, preferably snuggled up with the kitties.
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Lheezzza! Cooper is now the dreaded "red x." I think that comes from cheating outrageously on the Alphabet Game! You posted a D word, Disney DVD for the letter A. OHHHHHH, for shame. Now, see what you've done to poor Cooper!

OK, he's back. You must have good intentions to reform.
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Originally posted by Jeanie G.
You must have good intentions to reform.
Nah!!! (LOL)

Nick collects: Baseball cards
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Shoot! You took most of my collections with the B - Barbies and Beanie Babies. :tounge2:

Ok, I guess I also collect...

Cross-stitch patterns that I will never have enough time to finish.
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Edwardian clothes and jewelry.
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Fat.... I dont' collect it on purpose... it just shows up!!!

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Gemstone jewelry-not the expensive kind, just garnets, blue topaz, hematite, and dark sapphires (the inexpensive kind). I'd like to have some Iolite, Rhodolite garnets, and Helenite. Peridot is beginning to appeal to me. I have some amethysts, but I don't like much purple. I have one ruby and diamond ring, a family heirloom, which I'm afraid to wear!
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Hats. I have a few really nice vintage ones and a few that I've made. My fave is the big purple velvet one, that I wore on Halloween. (my own design and handiwork)
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